America urges India to convince Russia to withdraw from Ukraine and end the war


Washington, April 21 (Hindustan). The US is also looking to India to end the more than a year-long war between Russia and Ukraine. America has urged India to convince Russia to withdraw from Ukraine and end the war. At the same time, America has made it clear that the war between Russia and Ukraine has not affected the relations between America and India.

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu has said that the Russia-Ukraine war has actually strengthened rather than broken India-US bilateral ties. He admitted that India and the US do not have the same point of view on the war between Ukraine and Russia, but both countries are unanimous in ending the war soon. Agreeing with India’s view that the war can only be resolved through dialogue, he urged India, citing Russia’s longstanding ties with India, to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war and withdraw from Ukrainian territory. Let’s talk He hoped that India could use its relations and its influence with Russia to end this war.

Donald Lu welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments on the call for dialogue and diplomacy at the G20 Summit in Bali, while welcoming India’s humanitarian aid to Ukraine. He said that there has been continuous dialogue between India and the United States since the early days of the war. This cooperation will continue. Despite not having a consensus on the Ukraine war, India and America have found a solution by talking to each other since the beginning. Interestingly, the Ukrainian war did not break the relationship between India and America, but strengthened the relationship between the two countries.


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