Market recovery.. Clothes and gifts are the priority of families and youth


The markets in Qatar are currently witnessing a great boom days before Eid Al-Fitr, as most families have started since the middle of the holy month to buy Eid needs of various goods and products.
The clothing markets are witnessing a great demand from families and young people in commercial complexes – malls – and popular markets in the center of Doha.

A large turnout of young people
Malls offered offers on their products, amidst a great demand from young people for the new trends of clothes, considering the holiday an opportunity to appear in these clothes. The managers of malls and shops in the markets confirmed that there is a great demand from citizens and residents for purchases in the last days of the holy month of Ramadan, with the approaching Eid, especially children’s and youth clothes, as it is one of the annual customs and traditions.
For its part, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry confirms that it is working on implementing an integrated plan during the holy month of Ramadan and holidays, by carrying out continuous inspection campaigns to control the prices of services and products offered by all shops and restaurants.

Great competition
The Ministry stresses continuous work on implementing the Consumer Protection Law, and great care to support the marketing of national products in sales outlets, and that it has succeeded in meeting many needs with its high quality and great competitiveness.
She stressed that the consumer protection sector is constantly working on the importance of offering high-quality products on electronic platforms to protect consumers from commercial fraud, calling on merchants to adhere to the Consumer Protection Law.
Ahmed Assem – the manager of one of the shops – confirms that there is great competition between the shops in the markets in Qatar, which calls for these shops to offer price offers on their products, especially those that are popular during the holidays and seasons, because raising prices compared to similar shops contributes to reducing sales. This is inconsistent with the market situation during the current period.
He explains that the purchase of original brands – brands – is from the stores that represent them, whether in malls or commercial markets, except that there are some shops in the markets that sell original brands that have passed for a year or more, and find a turnout from families to take advantage of their lower prices, which are lower. About 50% of its counterparts in malls.
He adds that the prices of clothes in the popular markets are usually suitable for everyone, especially as they are keen on that to attract buyers, so the demand for these markets is greater than the commercial complexes, as the prices in the markets are lower than the prices in the commercial complexes, so they are preferred by many groups of families and young people.

Eid customs and traditions
For his part, the manager of one of the clothing stores in the City Center confirms that the festive period, despite any circumstances, has privacy and customs, the most important of which is the purchase of new clothes and home decorations from furnishings, so that there is something new in the homes, so the demand is always at the end of the holy month of Ramadan for clothes and shoes And home supplies of simple decorations and furnishings.
He explains that the stores take advantage of this opportunity to present new trends of fashion and everything new, in addition to price offers on products that take various forms, whether price reductions, value-back coupons, or raffles for large prizes, all of which take place under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Commerce. Industry and its consumer protection department.


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