What stops Joe Biden from announcing 2024 rerun?


While Democratic Party visibly has no alternative candidate for 2024 presidential election their only hope – Joe Biden is suffering from extreme hesitation in officially declaring his rerun in 2024 against any of the candidates from Republican Party – most possibly Donald Trump. What stops Joe Biden from this announcement? Is he not confident of running in 2024 presidential election or is he hiding some of the mystery centering his health with American people? There is no answer to these questions yet though but it is rumored within US Capitol that Barack Obama, former boss of Joe Biden is showing signs of placing his wife Michelle Obama as the presidential candidate for 2024 from the Democratic Party. Obama has already conveyed this message to Joe Biden, and as this current tenure of Biden actually is run by Obama from the backscreen – braindead Joe Biden cannot refuse Obama’s requests or orders. Because he knows – without Obama’s constant suggestions and advises, he cannot sustain in the White House even for 24 hours.

Meanwhile, another source said, following indictment of Donald Trump, every member of Biden family is flying high thinking, it has already killed the possibility of investigating Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, and Bidens including Joe Biden. They are also confident by now that the Republican Party and its members in the Congress are not actually willing to initiate any investigation against the mighty members of Biden family, while a large number of Democrats think – Republican Party leaders are not interested in taking any legal action against the members of Biden family because that would actually invite disaster for the Republican Party leaders as America’s judiciary, federal agencies and media are already under absolute control of the Democrats.

Pentagon intelligence documents controversy

The slew of highly classified Pentagon intelligence documents that were leaked earlier this year in a private chat room before finding their way onto popular social media platforms appear to indicate that the Biden administration has not been completely upfront with the American people regarding its actions in Ukraine.

On April 14, 2023 the man suspected of leaking the documents, Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira, made his first federal court appearance after being arrested on Thursday by the FBI. Fox News noted that “the Department of Defense says” the documents “contain ‘sensitive and highly-classified material,’” and that the suspect was “charged with unauthorized retention and transmission of national defense information and willful retention of classified documents”.

But as more journalists and experts examine the leaked materials, most of which were US intelligence assessments of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, they have discovered a number of discrepancies between what Biden administration officials have told the American public and what appears to have actually happened.

Michael Tracey, a journalist, noted some of them on Twitter: “Zelensky ordering attacks inside Russia – Presence of US/NATO special forces in Ukraine – US spying on top Ukraine officials – Ukraine attacking Belarus”.

“But everyone’s ENRAGED the government is no longer concealing these things”, Tracey added.

To that point, on Thursday night’s primetime show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused the Biden administration of attempting to “cover-up” the outcome of intelligence failures likely caused by the leaks.

Carlson lambasted the media for failing to scrutinize the content of the leaked intelligence, which apparently indicates that military leaders have reservations about the Ukrainian army’s ability to effectively combat Russia, due to perceived weaknesses.

“If you want to get really sick to your stomach, go pull a transcript from the Pentagon briefing today where news reporters asked flacks from the Pentagon, what are we gonna do to keep information like this secret in the future? Not one question about the substance of the information”, Carlson said. “We are fighting a war against Russia directly, really? Don’t they have the biggest arsenal in the world? Not one question. How can we help you keep it secret?”


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