Ramadan in Qatar is unique


His Excellency Ridwan Hassan, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the State, confirmed that the atmosphere of the month of Ramadan in Qatar is unique and wonderful, and that there are many things that anyone can enjoy during the holy month here.

During his dialogue with Al-Watan, he praised the great role played by Qatari charitable institutions around the world during Ramadan, considering these institutions as pioneers in charitable work.

The Indonesian ambassador expressed his admiration for the Qatari traditions during the holy month, which are dominated by the hospitality that characterizes the Qatari people, indicating that he and his family always prefer to visit the Musheireb area because of its calmness and the fact that it is an area that supports the culture of walking, he said, indicating that he is always keen to exercise during The month of Ramadan and throughout the year, as it is one of the beneficial things for human health.

Ambassador Radwan Hassan alluded to many customs that characterize the Indonesian people during the month of Ramadan, including, for example, Islamic lessons for children and adults in mosques, and the spread of food vendors in the streets, in addition to the habit of “Al-Masaharati”, although it differs in its method from Qatar and the rest of the Arab countries.

The Indonesian ambassador described the relations between Qatar and Indonesia as now entering a “golden age”, which are beneficial relations for the two countries..More details in Ambassador Radwan Hassan’s interview with Al-Watan..

  • What distinguishes the atmosphere of the month of Ramadan in Qatar, from your point of view?

Ramadan in Qatar is unique and beautiful, there are a lot of activities that bring the atmosphere of the holy month, whether it is to feed ourselves, or for the family as well, so that Ramadan becomes more enjoyable. Qatar offers literally everything in Ramadan, we could enjoy for example the Ramadan Cannon at Katara, Tarawih in the mosques while learning with the eminent scholars afterwards, there was the special Ramadan book fair and other great events.

  • How do you see the humanitarian role played by Qatari charities in the Islamic world, particularly during the month of Ramadan?

They are doing a very good job, and we can see that Qatari charities are pioneers in supporting iftar meals everywhere, for example, not only in Qatar, but also all over the world, helping children with disabilities, victims of disasters or war, needs and all these Things matter, because they reflect the essence of Ramadan, that’s for sure.

  • Have you ever spent the month of Ramadan in any of the Arab or Islamic countries? What are your memories of her?

I spent Ramadan in Dubai when I worked there and it is nice to experience the traditional Arab cultural heritage there, such as the majlis, Ramadan market and mosques.

  • How do you spend your day in the month of Ramadan?

I work in the office during the day, and I get a lot of iftar invitations, so I usually go there to attend, and at night we pray tarawih sometimes at the embassy, ​​sometimes at home or in a nearby mosque.

  • What do you like about the culture and traditions of the Qatari people? Especially in Ramadan?

I really admire their hospitality and generosity and it became even more evident in the holy month of Ramadan. We can see how the Qataris welcome everyone in their majlis and serve a large amount of Iftar meals. It’s quite a heart-warming thing.

  • What are the places that you and your family prefer to visit in Qatar?

We love walking around the Musherib area, as it is a modern and culturally ingrained area. Moreover, it is a pedestrian friendly area, so we can spend some time together while enjoying the atmosphere.

  • Are you keen on exercising – and do you practice it in Ramadan?

Of course, we must take care of our health, and exercise is important to maintain our physical fitness. I do it in Ramadan, but at different times than other months.

  • What are your favorite foods?

I love a dish from my hometown in Indonesia which is Palembang, called Martabak HAR or “Haj Abdul Razzak”, it is basically a kind of Mutabak with boiled egg and curry soup and it is spicy and delicious.

  • What distinguishes Ramadan in Indonesia?

Indonesia As the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, the month of Ramadan in my country is always joyful and memorable. For example, we have Islamic lessons for children and adults in mosques, and there are many food vendors in the streets before breaking the fast, and special Ramadan food, and there is Ramadan decoration, and other wonderful things that characterize our country in the holy month.

  • What are the most famous customs of the Indonesian people during the month of Ramadan?

We have a lot of traditions in Ramadan, for example, in some places, we celebrate iftar time with “Bedug”, or like a wonderful rhythm and we also have like “Al-Masaharati” in Qatar, a group of young people who wake people up for suhoor using the rhythm.

How would you describe the relations between Qatar and Indonesia during the current period?

Qatar and Indonesia have enjoyed beneficial relations for decades, and we are now entering a ‘golden age’, if I may say so, with this Year of Culture. Since both countries are culturally diverse, cooperation in the cultural aspect is very possible and beneficial. We hope that the Year of Culture will strengthen the relationship between Qatar and Indonesia, especially between their peoples.


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