Qatar unifies its tourist visa procedures through the new Haya platform


Qatar Tourism launched the “Haya platform” in a new look, providing the opportunity, with immediate effect, to more tourists who currently need entry visas to enjoy its tourism offers and authentic Arab hospitality.
This came during a joint press conference for His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al-Baker, President of Qatar Tourism and CEO of Qatar Airways Group, and Mr. Saeed Ali Al-Koray, Executive Director of the Haya platform, during which the unification of tourist visa procedures was highlighted through the new Haya platform, which aims To establish Qatar as a tourist destination suitable for all visitors.
With the launch of the famous platform, which allowed more than a million visitors to enter the State of Qatar during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the Haya platform and its application via smart phones will become the gateway for all tourist and event visas in the country, ensuring standardization of procedures for issuing tourist visas and visas for residents of the GCC countries. Gulf Cooperation Council visas for escorts of GCC nationals and Electronic Travel Authorisation.
This step comes as part of the State of Qatar’s keenness to invest in its tourism sector as an important economic tributary, and the ambitious plans to develop it within its strategic vision aimed at strengthening its position as a selected tourist destination in the region.
Currently, additional numbers of visitors who need a visa to enter the State of Qatar can submit their applications through the Haya platform via the website or apply it on smart phones so that they can visit Doha, which won the title of Arab Tourism Capital for the year 2023. In addition, Haya visa holders will have a smooth travel experience and will be able to enter through the electronic gates at Hamad International Airport.
As for visitors through the Abu Samra land port, the Haya platform allows them to service the pre-registration track (optional service) for easy entry into the country by issuing a permit for their vehicles, which makes spending a weekend in the State of Qatar or staying there for a longer period a smoother and more enjoyable process. The application will provide citizens of the GCC countries with an option to obtain an entry permit for escorts from the GCC countries.
His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, President of Qatar Tourism and CEO of Qatar Airways Group, said that Qatar’s national tourism strategy seeks to attract more than six million visitors annually by 2030. Currently, the State of Qatar is considered the most open destination in terms of visa facilities in the Middle East region. It is ranked eighth in the world, with citizens of more than 95 countries around the world being able to obtain an instant visa upon arrival.
Al Baker added, “We are pleased with these new developments, as they enhance Qatar’s position as a leading tourist destination that provides the opportunity for more travelers to enjoy the unique tourism offers that it abounds.”
For his part, Mr. Saeed Ali Al-Koray, Executive Director of the Haya platform, said: “The re-launch of the Haya platform in its new look today is an extension of the strategic vision that the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy had developed, centering on the sustainable legacy of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.”
He continued, saying: “The launch of the Haya platform is one aspect of this sustainable legacy, and what was initially the Haya card, a way for fans from around the world to enter the State of Qatar to watch their favorite teams and enjoy attending the largest football event ever, has today become the Haya platform, the legacy on which we build to invite All those wishing from all over the world to visit our country and enjoy its richness of originality, history, culture, generosity, originality, unique nature, and much more.
During his speech at the press conference, Al-Kuwari confirmed that those wishing to visit Qatar can apply through the platform and the response will be within 48 hours, stressing that the visas issued through the Haya platform are not valid for work and cannot be turned into work visas, and are subject to clear conditions and instructions listed on the site.
The State of Qatar has maintained the tourism momentum that accompanied the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, especially after its unprecedented success in hosting this global event, as it continued to welcome record numbers of tourists during the first quarter of this year. During the Qatar World Cup 2022, which was watched by billions of viewers on screens, international visitors had the opportunity to learn directly about the country’s heritage, authentic culture, hospitality of its people and destinations known for their stunning natural beauty and the luxury of their modern entertainment centers.
Visitors will have a unique opportunity to explore the hospitality and entertainment sector after the tremendous developments it has witnessed recently, including the launch of more beaches, resorts and luxury hotels, visiting world-class museums such as the Qatar National Museum and the reopened Museum of Islamic Art, as well as staying in a group of the most luxurious international and local hotels.


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