‘I have lost faith in justice’, founder of Bismobil Kitchen Mihail Şaran tells social media


“Hello good people, dear friends and acquaintances. I know that lately you are shocked by what is happening, but I assure you that it is a humiliating masquerade for me and my family, friends and those who are with me permanently. I ended up being a fugitive, a fugitive in my own country where I put my soul and tried to build something beautiful, something that had never been in the kitchen world, with devoted people, happy customers and satisfied investors, but everything fell apart, it was destroyed in a very organized way, organized by… some soulless people, people who only see money and nothing else.

But I wouldn’t give my Holy family for anything in the world, the family that constantly supports me, encourages me, inspires me to make people happier, I wouldn’t change it even for a billion euros, not to mention the several million that I have incriminates in this criminal file from January 2023.

I know that one day I will turn myself in to the law enforcement agencies, or they will arrest me, but until then I will expose myself online, which I have not been allowed to do for the past three months, I will tell what no one has he knew by now, I hope the law enforcement authorities don’t close my page, they have all the accesses.

First of all, I will explain why I ran away on April 7: I lost faith in the judiciary, I understood that I am not heard, they will lock me up at any price, I understood that it makes no sense to wait for the verdict, because it will be positive for the prosecutors and negative for me, that’s why I went home, but near the house the operative group that wanted to arrest me with great pleasure was already waiting for me, the same group that searched my home on 04/03/2023. Without any reason they entered the house under the false pretext of visiting me, but once inside the apartment they issued an order from the PCCOCS prosecutor’s office for searches in Flagrant art. 125 (nonsense). They picked up my mobile phone and left, spontaneously and without much explanation, that was the reason why I ran away on April 7, who would go to Penitentiary 13 (voluntarily), especially since the conditions are inhumane…”, a wrote this.

AGORA recalls that, on April 7, Mihail Şaran escaped after refusing to appear at the court ruling that was to send him back to preventive detention for 30 days, at the request of the PCCOCS prosecutor. he moved to a park, forced and removed the electronic monitoring bracelet, threw away the coat and ran away. The police of the Republic of Moldova are looking for him to be detained.

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We specify that on March 29, the Chisinau Court of Appeal admitted the appeal of the lawyers of the founder of the BisMobil Kitchen group of companies, specialized in the manufacture of kitchen furniture. Thus, he was released from preventive detention and placed under house arrest for 20 days.

Later, law enforcement officers searched the founder of Bismobil Kitchen after he was released from pretrial detention and placed under house arrest. According to the prosecutors, he would have exerted pressure on the witnesses and interfered in the criminal investigation.

We remind you, he was detained on January 19, 2023, at Chisinau airport, when he was about to leave Moldova, with a one-way ticket – Moscow, Russia. Later, at the request of PCCOCS prosecutors, he was placed in preventive detention.

At this stage of the investigations, the estimated damage amounts to almost 40 million lei, with 158 victims in Moldova. Investigations continue, during which the persons concerned in the file benefit from the presumption of innocence, according to the law.


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