Time for truth about the murder of Israeli Jews


The next time you hear or read your woeful politicians and media moan about Israeli “oppression” against the poor Palestinians, show them this picture.

Lucy, Rena, and Maia are the beautiful and tragic faces of what is infecting the Palestinian condition.

It is the murderous hatred of Jews that targets beautiful girls and women like Lucy and her two lovely daughters. It is this, and this alone, that is at the poisonous heart of the Palestinian problem.

For over fifty years, the Palestinian narrative has never been about a state living in peace alongside Israel.

Anything that Israel does is a response to this murderous Jew-hatred in protection of our people.

It is time to stop protecting the malevolent Palestinian leaders by decision and opinion makers who should know better.

The statement by the British Government was typical of the unspoken bias of foreign governments when Jews are murdered.

Their statement read that they were “saddened to hear about the death of (unnamed) British-Israeli citizens, and called upon all parties to de-escalate tensions.”

Just deaths. No murder. No mention of Palestinians and their umbilical lust for Jewish blood. Lucy, Maiai and Rena were not slaughtered in a horrific death by Palestinian gunmen. The three Dee females simply “died,” not murdered, according to the British Government.

Let’s hear less vacuous talk of “both sides must do more to reduce tensions,” and let’s hear more about your government and your media withdrawing support from the Palestinians for their ongoing unspeakable crimes of killing Jews.

As we approach both Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Day that honor both our fallen soldiers in battle, and the murder of our civilians at the hands of terrorists, we must emphasize that approximately 1,500 Jews have been slaughtered by Palestinian Arabs since the year 2000.

The time has come for the international community to remove the blinkers from their lying eyes and force them to begin to reframe their policies based on the bloody facts on the ground – because those bloody facts are soaked in innocent Jewish blood.
And let’s start by showing them the picture of Lucy and her two lovely daughters.

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