The morally bankrupt broken Palestinian culture


“Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness” – Isaiah 5:20.

Rabbi Dee, the father of Maia z”l and Rina z”l and husband of Lucy z”l who were viciously murdered in the West Bank on April 7, 2023 blasted: “the still-at-large terrorist as “a product of a broken culture that doesn’t differentiate between good and evil”.

The word “broken” is apt in describing the pathological dysfunctionality of Palestinian culture. Of course, there are Palestinians who don’t murder outright BUT in effect they passively aggressively permit such wanton violence as vicarious bystanders getting their unconscious perverse “jollies” fulfilled. They are also perpetrators. The IDF and the Israeli police interrogate the jihadis’ families because they understand that the familial group/hamula, clan function as one fused dysfunctional entity.

Stephen Flatow, father of murder victim Alisa  z”l by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement’ suicide bombing carried out in the Gaza Strip in 1995, wrote in his op-ed stressing the specific targeting of Jewish women.

Elsewhere I have written about why Palestinian jihadis target and murder elderly women.

I continue to write about the core problem because some people actually find the deeper psychological explanation helpful in pursuing justice with regard to these jihadi terrorists. Muslims reach out to me all the time and tell me that I have explained to them what they have experience growing up particularly in response to my essay – The violent brutality of growing up in a shame honor culture, predicated on the destruction of the mother and her maternal bond,

And my other essay, Nobody is born a terrorist, as well as my books.

Until the Palestinians begin to deal with their unconscious internalized jihadi which is continually and endlessly projected outwards, little will change. In Palestinian culture there is a psychological taboo concerning separating from the mother. This leads to unconscious murderous rage.

There is no psychological introspection taking place in Palestinian culture. Their leaders are psychological rageful and blind leading their people down a path similar to that of Adolf Hitler.

What can be done? Palestinian parents have to begin to seriously question their leaders, speak freely because if they think that the violence will end with the murder of Jewish women, they are naïve for they will be next in line.

Palestinian parents must begin to own their own addiction to violence. We know that there is a problem in the Israeli Arab sector of gun violence. They should assume responsibility and stop blaming the Israeli police and the IDF for it as well. They are participating in their own destruction. Recent research has shown that how parents understand the idea of feeling and how they themselves deal with their own feelings is directly transmitted to their children. See How Parents Feel About Feelings Can Deeply Affect a Child’s Development

It won’t end well until this vital child development issue is addressed. Even though it is well known that the Palestinians scapegoat their own children as in sending them to be suicide bombers, such moral depravity can be changed.

Finally, Israeli culture will not be degraded by being immersed in such Palestinian violence because of its internalized “hosen” or emotional resilience which remains a constant because it is taught and inculcated by our ancient scholars that “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil”. We do not live in the Palestinian reverse world perpetrating evil.

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