Masraf Al Rayan honors its employees in its annual Ramadan Ghabga


Masraf Al Rayan, one of the leading Islamic banks in Qatar, organized its annual Ramadan Ghabga for its employees, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on the 10th of April. The event is a Qatari tradition that reflects the atmosphere and customs inspired by the holy month of Ramadan. During the evening, Masraf Al Rayan was keen to honor its employees and express its deep appreciation for their efforts and dedication to hard work, which contributed to the successes that the bank continues to achieve. The occasion was filled with a number of surprises, during which the Masraf Al Rayan family enjoyed the Ramadan atmosphere and strengthened the bonds of relations between employees and the bank’s management. During the occasion, the employees participated in a number of competitions, which allowed them to win valuable prizes and show their depth of knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way.
Mr. Fahd bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, CEO of Masraf Al Rayan Group, confirmed the bank’s happiness to host the employees in the annual Ramadan ceremony, where he said: “We are keen to organize this annual event for our employees to reinforce the principle of working with one hand among them, and also to stand on their valuable participation in the bank’s successes as The solid foundations on which he relies in his career.”
He added, “We hope that our employees have spent comfortable and enjoyable times in a blessed Ramadan atmosphere.” Mr. Fahad explained Masraf Al Rayan’s gratitude for the efforts of its workforce, expressing his appreciation for each and every one of them. “We believe that by working together as a harmonious team, we can motivate each other to push Masraf Al Rayan towards new horizons of success.”
It should be noted that Masraf Al Rayan has been providing services to the Qatari community for more than 16 years, providing innovative banking solutions and exceptional customer service. In addition to its operational prowess, the Bank places strong emphasis on its corporate social responsibility strategy, by supporting several initiatives aimed at promoting education, health and the environment in Qatar. During the holy month of Ramadan, Masraf Al Rayan confirms its commitment to its customers and society by prioritizing their well-being through a series of social events and contributions.


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