Extinguished debt: MoldovaGaz fully returned the 1.05 billion lei loan to Energocom. Here is the amount of interest that must be paid


On April 12, Moldovagaz fully paid off the loan of 1.05 billion lei taken out last October to SA Energocom. For this loan, the company pledged all the movable assets that are part of the natural gas transmission network, as well as the full social share of SRL Moldovatransgaz.

According to the loan agreement, this loan was due on May 1, according to the provision of the Commission for Exceptional Situations. Therefore, the full payment took place several weeks before the deadline.

Energocom states that currently Moldovagaz still has around 80 million lei to pay interest.

We remind you that the decision to grant the loan was taken by the Commission for Exceptional Situations on October 19, 2022 in order to ensure the energy security of the country.

Find the decision here: Energocom lends “Moldovagaz” SA over one billion lei: CSE adopted new decisions to ensure the energy security of the country

“We have to give as few reasons as possible to Gazprom to disconnect us and again, unfortunately, we have to come to the aid of Moldovagaz, to solve the liquidity problem. This one billion and 50 million is not enough for the Moldovagaz company to pay the current debts or the advance for the month of November for Gazprom (…) If we will be disconnected from natural gas, it must be very clear that the disconnection takes place for reasons political and not commercial and we will sue if we are disconnected. At the same time, if this loan is not returned, by May 1, 2023, we will take over the country’s transport network”, former Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița later explained that decision.

“Simple, we offered a loan and pledged the country’s gas transmission system. This decision will allow the full payment by MoldovaGaz to Gazprom of the gas consumption for September and the advance for October”, said the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development at the time, Andrei Spînu.


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