Moldova, on the agenda of discussions at the Cotroceni Palace. What plans does Romania have for us?


The agenda of the meeting focused mainly on the security situation in the Black Sea region and the implications for Romania, against the background of the latest developments, in the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, of external interventions on the democratic process in the Republic of Moldova, as well as in the context the prospects for continued support of NATO, the European Union and the international community for Ukraine.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that Romania continues to act firmly, unitedly and efficiently, together with its allies and partners, in promoting security and stability in the Black Sea region. According to the speakers, the fundamental benchmark for action remains that of ensuring national security, and supporting Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova directly contributes to strengthening Romania’s security.

The members of the Council also determined that Romania’s effort must continue to be comprehensive and ensure the necessary support for the Republic of Moldova, which, after Ukraine, is the most exposed to Russian aggression and pressure.

“Since the outbreak of the war on our borders, the Republic of Moldova is under pressure on multiple levels, with the aim of diminishing the support expressed by its citizens for a firm pro-European course, for reforms, for democracy and prosperity. In addition, the Republic of Moldova is the target of hybrid actions of destabilization, of unprecedented intensity and complexity”, stressed the members of the Council.

In this context, the optimal ways to continue a determined support by Romania of the efforts of the Republic of Moldova to strengthen its resilience were analyzed. The members of the Council emphasized the need to adapt to regional developments and to further strengthen European and international support efforts, for the benefit of the Republic of Moldova.


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