CSM, in the first meeting, after the appointment of the three members from the Parliament


On agenda of today’s meeting, nine issues are included, among which: the referral to the Constitutional Court regarding the control of the constitutionality of the provisions of art. 15 and art. 9 of the Law on the Superior Council of the Magistracy, but also the action plan of the SCM for the year 2023, etc.

AGORA recalls that on March 17, the magistrates gathered after four years at the General Assembly of Judges did not yet elect the members of the CSM, even though the matter was on the agenda. The assembly was adjourned until April 28.

Later, in the plenary session of the Legislature on March 30, the deputies approved, with the majority of the deputies’ votes, the appointment of the three non-judge candidates to the position of members in the Superior Council of the Magistracy. It is about Ion Guzun, Tatiana Ciaglic and Alexandru Postica.

Previously, the President of the Legal Resources Center of Moldova (CRJM), Ilie Chirtoacă explained to AGORA that the decision taken by the Parliament is one aimed at unblocking the situation in the system.

“The law says that the CSM is deliberative as long as 2/3 of the members of the CSM are appointed and participate in these meetings, in the exercise of the function, that is, with all documents in order, voted. There is also someone from the CSM, it is Ms. Nina Cernat, as long as this mandate exists, the new CSM is functional, to what extent it is representative, is a very legitimate question”, said Ilie Chirtoacă.

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We specify that the CSM consists of six magistrates elected by secret ballot by the General Assembly of Judges and six non-judges appointed by the Parliament.

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