CSE, obliged to come to Parliament with a report at the end of the state of emergency in the country


PAS MPs come up with an initiative to establish parliamentary control over the provisions issued by the Commission for Extraordinary Situations (CSE). The proposal comes in the context of the execution of a Decision of the Constitutional Court.

Respectively, after the expiration of the state of emergency, the CSE will present a report to the plenary session of the Parliament about the actions and measures adopted. Later, the legislature will decide on extending the duration of the state of emergency, as well as on expanding or narrowing its area of ​​action.

The document also provides for the completion of the Law on the regime of the state of emergency, siege and war with new measures applicable during the state of emergency: the establishment of a special activity regime for the state border crossing points, the regulation of the admission, stay and documentation of foreigners, the re-profiling and changing the destination and mode of activity of public and private institutions, etc.

The draft law also clearly establishes the responsibilities of the Ministry of Defense and the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations during the state of emergency. For example, the Ministry of Defense will provide assistance to central and local public authorities and public authorities responsible for ensuring national security and public order.

The initiative was supported by the vote of 56 deputies. The draft law will be proposed for examination, in the second reading, in the plenary session of the Parliament.



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