Biden wants supply chain to start and end in US: Bharat Ramamurthy


Learning lessons from supply chain disruptions during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, US President Joe Biden wants the entire process of production and supply of any product or service to begin and end in the US. Biden’s top economic advisor Bharat Ramamurthy said this.

He said the Biden administration is looking to increase America’s manufacturing capacity in key areas such as clean energy production, semiconductor and related industries.

Indian-American Bharat Ramamurthy said in an interview with ‘PTI-Bhasha’ on Friday, “We have tried to make America a good investment destination for companies that have the option to choose where to invest their money.” Where to put We are not only offering the world’s best trained workforce and highly trusted legal system, but also a great incentive to set up a manufacturing plant in the US.

Ramamurthy said, “President Biden has made it clear that this will reduce our challenges.” We saw during the pandemic that when you depend on products made in China or Southeast Asia or anywhere in the world, if there’s a disruption in that country or a disruption in international shipping, we can’t get those products, which we need.

Ramamurthy said now is the “best time” to invest in the US.

Responding to a question on the Boeing-Air India deal, he said India and the US have “very close” relations.


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