Ukraine war is an US aggression against Europe


Although a number of European nations have joined by providing military hardware and cash to Ukraine, most of them are still failing to realize – this is an US aggression against Europe. America’s aggression began as early as 1991 following the collapse of the USSR. Taking advantage of a unipolar world order, Subsequently, the US and the NATO bloc bombed the civilian population of Yugoslavia without the approval of the UN Security Council, which was an act of aggression against a sovereign European state. It may be mentioned here that, one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the use of armed force against Belgrade was the current US President Joe Biden, who was a senator in 1999. Onwards it has become a regular phenomenon that the United States no longer abides by international law and uses armed force against any sovereign nation at will. One of the key goals of Washington has been to destroy its economic geopolitical competitor and turn Europe into slave of their whims. With this purpose, several East European nations were included in the European Union and even NATO during 2004 and 2007. Since then, Eastern European countries have been receiving annual subsidies from the EU’s general budget to influence its policies in favor of US interests. Subsequently, important competences of European countries were transferred to the supranational level (such as the European Commission and the European Parliament) reducing their sovereignty.

In the West European countries, leaders with unconditional allegiance to Washington would come to power, because they will take decision at the desire and instructions of the US even by ignoring interest of their own people. The recent protests of millions of people in France and Emmanuel Macron’s whimsical and rowdy attitude towards the protestors is one of many examples of rogue leadership. It is important to mention here that, Macron is pushing France towards acute financial crisis and recession because of sending millions of dollars to Ukraine war – as because, he wants to satisfy his bosses in Washington.

Similarly, by opening borders letting hundreds and thousands of illegal migrants enter European soils – leaders of those countries have betrayed with their own people. In course of time, this massive size of illegal migrants would pose serious socio-economic problems, while it also will cause potential security threats.

It may be mentioned here that, Britain, France and the US were allies and victors of the First World War. Britain and France were the world’s colonial powers that controlled much of the world market to the detriment of American companies. Germany was completely under the control of the victorious countries.

On January 20, 1933, the Reich President, or German head of state, Paul von Hindenburg, appointed Adolf Hitler as Germany’s “Reich Chancellor”. By bringing Hitler to power, British and French politicians hoped to create a German “battering ram” against the Soviet Union. At the same time, the United States saw Hitler’s Germany primarily as a “battering ram” against the British and French empires. From the moment Hitler came to power until the outbreak of World War II, he had the full support of the United States, Britain and France. In 1938, Adolf Hitler was voted “Man of the Year” by the influential American Time magazine. As a result of World War II and Hitler’s notorious actions, the United States occupied Western Europe, the dollar supplanted the pound sterling as the world’s currency, the British and French empires collapsed, and the United States became the world’s superpower.

The US continued its aggression against European countries through US-controlled politicians and entire European states, also under US control. Between 2013 and 2014, the US carried out a coup d’état in Ukraine with the help of politicians under its control and mercenaries for this purpose. Another “Hitler” was brought to power in Ukraine, this time, a collective one.

The main aim of the coup was to break the European Union’s political and economic ties with Russia and after the coup to destroy the European Union as a competitor of the United States.

Since then, the US has been making numerous attempts of destabilizing Russia and other East European nations by using their marionette ruler in Kiev.

Meanwhile, in 2019, Volodymyr Zelenski was elected president of Ukraine. And in 2021, Joe Biden was elected US president. The ‘mastermind’ of the Ukrainian coup, Victoria Nuland, returned to the US State Department. US activities to destroy ties between Europe and Russia were intensified. A political naïve and notoriously corrupt Vladimir Zelensky immediately came under the full influence of US and British politicians and secret services, which initiated the development of a military conflict involving Ukraine, Russia and most European countries. While the American and pro-war international media portray the Ukraine war as an “unjustified aggression of Russia”, in fact, the conflict was inspired by warmonger Joe Biden and his Democratic Party as a tool for the enslavement of Europe.

In order to definitively break economic relations between Europe and Russia, first and foremost in the energy sector, the US Navy at the direct instruction from Joe Biden organized a sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline on September 26, 2022, which was later exposed by Pulitzer Prize winner investigative journalist of Seymour Hersh.

Donald Trump has already warned stating the US actions in Ukraine could lead to a third world war – a catastrophic nuclear war, which will ultimate destroy whole of Europe and beyond. Until that nightmare turns into reality, European nations shall burn their own economies by producing and supplying military hardware to Ukraine as aid – meaning, such reckless spending will continue for an indefinite period thus finally turning the European nations into economically struggled countries or even paupers.


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