Kuwait plans to control 182,000 illegal expat workers


In an effort to regulate the demographics, authorities have revealed an urgent plan to monitor and control approximately 182,000 illegal workers, many of whom are registered under fake companies and residing in residential areas. Sources have confirmed that the Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with the Manpower Authority, will soon undertake extensive campaigns to deport all violators of residency laws.

The committee responsible for demographic changes, led by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, as well as Acting Minister of Defense, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, has instructed relevant authorities to take additional measures to prevent residency fraud and sales.

The committee has called for stricter measures to prevent individuals from obtaining commercial licenses or renting shops in complexes without an actual address or activity, in order to reduce incidents of tampering and selling of residencies. These measures will be implemented in various regions.

The Public Authority for Manpower has announced the suspension of nearly 17,000 files belonging to violating companies, which collectively employ 62,000 workers in the private sector, reports Al Qabas. The Authority has given these companies a one-month grace period to rectify any legal issues and avoid facing investigation by special authorities.

According to statistics from both the Authority and the Ministry, there are approximately 133,000 residency violators present in various sectors across the country. The Ministry of Interior has announced plans to take action to regulate this issue.

According to an official source, more measures are being planned to control violators and deport them, in collaboration with the residency affairs investigation. Daily inspections are being carried out by labor departments in the governorates to monitor various commercial activities and complexes.

Shops that are not registered on the civil or closed information systems are temporarily suspended, and owners are required to go through a re-inspection process before being allowed to reopen.

The fish market and fishing profession stall owners’ files will also be audited, and intensive campaigns will be carried out in the farms area to verify farmers’ files. The inspections will cover all sectors, starting from fake establishments in the private sector, and will continue until all commercial areas are inspected.

The Committee of Home Delivery Company Owners has reported a significant influx of domestic workers into the order delivery sector.

According to committee officials who spoke to Al-Qabas, they recently discovered that a large number of frivolous and unauthorized workers from categories 20 and 18 have entered the sector, working for foreign applications in numbers estimated to be in the hundreds.

The officials added that the presence of such workers in the sector poses a threat to public health and violates the Ministry of Interior’s regulations regarding the organization of the order delivery sector. They noted that this type of employment lacks a health permit and the workers do not have vehicles that meet basic safety standards. The committee officials have called for necessary action to be taken, including activating the role of the tripartite committee to apprehend and prosecute these workers in order to protect public health.


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