First MP, now may lose bungalow! How much will the statement cost Rahul Gandhi?


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who has been disqualified from the Lok Sabha, has been asked to vacate his official bungalow by April 22. The sources of the Parliament have given this information.

According to the information received from the sources of Parliament, to vacate the bungalow, the House Committee of the Lok Sabha has issued a notice to Rahul Gandhi to vacate the bungalow.

However, no statement has yet been issued by Rahul Gandhi or the Congress party regarding this.

Please tell that in 2004, this bungalow was allotted to Rahul Gandhi on Tughlaq Lane. It has been 12 years since he lived here.

It is noteworthy that two days back, Rahul Gandhi was sentenced to two years for criminal defamation for a controversial remark, after which he was disqualified as a member of the Lok Sabha.

Continued protests in support of Rahul Gandhi

Several members of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) on Monday protested at Jantar Mantar against the ‘disqualification’ of Rahul Gandhi as an MP.

Protesters from across the country gathered at Jantar Mantar to show solidarity with Rahul Gandhi during the protest and criticized the central government for “silencing” the voices of the opposition.

During the protest, protesters carrying Youth Congress flags and “Satyamev Jayate” placards demanded justice for Rahul Gandhi.

A protester said, “The Center has shown that no one can talk or question the Modi government.


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