Women ahead in internet use in cities, but concern about security


At least eight out of 10 women in India’s cities are using the internet for various purposes but many women are troubled by online harassment, abuse, trolling and want action against it.

This has been claimed in a study conducted by LocalCircles. The study said 76 per cent of women in cities are using the internet to stay in touch with families and friends. At the same time, 57 percent of women are using the Internet to get information and entertainment.

Nearly 83 per cent of women feel that more action needs to be taken to stop trolling, exploitation, abuse, extortion and fraud against them, which has led to more women using the internet, LocalCircles reported in the study. to feel safe.

According to the survey, the biggest concerns of urban women while using the internet are online sexual exploitation, trolling, abuse, extortion and fraud.


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