Now ticket booking by speaking, IRCTC’s new offer


Indian Railways ranks number 1 in the most preferred mode of transport in India. Whether it is a short journey or a long one, from safety to convenience, people prefer Indian Railways. Sometimes people are unable to book tickets in a hurry or do not provide the correct information in writing to IRCTC, in which case it becomes difficult to book tickets. However, now you will not have to go through this problem for a long time. IRCTC is soon going to bring a feature that will book tickets as soon as you speak. You will not have to face much difficulties in this. All you have to do is speak and the ticket will be in front of you.

What is the plan of IRCTC?

As per reports, IRCTC is bringing updates to its AI platform in AskDisha. AI means Artificial Intelligence. IRCTC will start voice feature using this. For this, it is going to bring changes in its chatbot AskDisha. With this, you will neither have to queue at the railway station nor have to face online problems.

As soon as you speak, the AI ​​will understand your words and automatically convert your voice into text and guide you to the next process i.e. now passengers will be able to use voice commands during their entire online ticket booking process.

No clear confirmation has been made officially about when this facility will start. But, it was said that this facility will be started from the new financial year. Although some experts have told that this feature update will come from April 1 only.

In which languages ​​will you be able to book tickets?

Till now you must have seen voice feature in Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, on the same lines IRCTC is also bringing a new feature. In this, you will be able to book tickets by speaking in Hindi and English languages.

What kind of facilities are available on AskDisha?

IRCTC has developed the Ask Disha platform in October 2018 in association with CoRover Pvt Limited, a Bengaluru-based startup. Currently the facility is available on this that you can see the PNR status of your booking. If you have canceled the ticket, you can also know its refund status. Along with this, the boarding station can also be changed with the help of this feature.

What will be the benefit of the new update?

IRCTC’s voice based- e-ticket booking will make online reservation easier and faster. Where it used to take you three to five minutes to book a ticket, the same process will be completed within 1 minute after the update. As of now, AskDisha customers have to book tickets with username, password, or OTP verification login, but after the update, you will be able to book tickets just by speaking.


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