Delhi people drank liquor worth 60 crores in one day in Holi


The festival of Holi was celebrated with great pomp in the country. In such a situation, due to the dry day, people had deposited the stock of liquor with them before the festival.

According to a TOI report, the sale of liquor in Delhi has increased more than last year. On March 6, 26 lakh liquor bottles worth Rs 58.8 crore were sold in the national capital in a single day.

According to the report, 1.13 crore liquor bottles worth Rs 227 crore were sold in this month. There are 560 liquor shops in Delhi.

According to the report, on normal days, bottles worth Rs 12 to 13 lakh are sold daily, while on the occasion of Holi, the sale of liquor reached 15 lakh, 22 lakh and 26 lakh.

Explain that this year Delhi has earned a revenue of Rs 6,100 crore from the sale of liquor. This amount includes Rs 5,000 crore from excise on liquor bottles and Rs 1,100 crore as value added tax. At the same time, the data of revenue collected from the sale of liquor in 960 hotels, restaurants and clubs is not on record till date.

According to the Excise Department, the revenue collection in March this year was better as compared to last year.

As per reports, 15.2 lakh bottles of liquor worth Rs 27.9 crore were sold on 1 March, 14.6 lakh bottles worth Rs 26.5 crore were sold on 2 March and 16.5 lakh bottles worth Rs 31.9 crore were sold on 3 March.

Highest sales of these brands

According to the report, whiskey, vodka and scotch were the most sold in Delhi. Most people bought liquor for Rs 400 to 1000 per bottle. At the same time, according to the shopkeepers, the sale of more expensive liquor did not increase this year.


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