Amartya Sen is the real owner of 1.38 acres of land in Shantiniketan: Bengal Land Department


The West Bengal government on Monday said that the land in the Santiniketan complex owned by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen belongs to him.

A day earlier, Visva Bharati had sent a notice to Sen asking why an order should not be passed to vacate the plot allegedly illegally occupied by him at Santiniketan.

The Department of Land and Land Reforms said in a statement that Nobel laureate Sen is the rightful owner of the entire 1.38-acre plot, which as per the land records is under Surul Mouza of Bolpur police station area.

The department, in its statement written in Bengali, said that the rooms, house and land belonged to Amartya Sen (father Ashutosh Sen). The central university claims that Sen is in possession of 1.38 acres of land in the Santiniketan campus, which is more than his legal 1.25-acre plot.


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