Communist China is our strongest and most disciplined enemy: Nikki Haley


Nikki Haley, a contender to become the presidential candidate from the March 4 Republican Party, said on Friday that the strongest and most disciplined enemy America has ever faced is Communist China.

In an impressive speech at the Republican Party’s top annual Conservative Political Action Conference, Indian-American Haley criticized the ruling Democratic Party, calling it a “socialist” party.

In the speech, he focused his attention on America’s foreign policy and said that America should not give help to countries that hate it.

Referring to the recent spy balloon incident, he said, “Never in my life did I imagine that American citizens would look up in the sky and find that a Chinese spy balloon was keeping an eye on us. It was a matter of national shame.

“Make no mistake: Communist China is the most formidable and disciplined enemy we face,” Haley said. We need to hold China accountable. Start with covid and before talking about gangs we need to see that china is the country which is sending fentanyl across our border.

Haley, 51, had announced her candidacy for the presidency on February 14. Since then, he has attracted the attention of his party and the national public. He will face former President Donald Trump during the primary election. Haley is the only female contender so far in the race for the 2024 presidential election.

The leader of the Republican Party said, “I do not believe why (President) Joe Biden is leaving China without punishment.” Chinese companies now own more than 380,000 acres of US land, roughly the size of our military bases. What are we doing? We should not allow any enemy to buy land in our country. And we need to tell every university – you can either take money from China or America, but you won’t get money from both.

Haley’s speech was welcomed by the people who gathered in the national capital from across the country for the three-day conference.

In her speech, Haley criticized the ruling Democratic Party, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Some people at the event chanted ‘Trump, Trump, Trump’ after Haley finished her speech.


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