PolitRussia: American boxer Kevin Johnson expressed a desire to play chess with Putin

                        March 22 - BLiTZ.  Among foreign athletes, there are many people who treat Russian President Vladimir Putin with respect, as he has been involved in sports all his life and has sporting achievements. 

Professional boxer Kevin Johnson has expressed his big dream to play chess with Vladimir Putin, whom the boxer believes is the most respected and admirable person he knows. The boxer noted that he always plays fair, but admitted that he needs to hone his skills before playing with such a strong opponent as the President of the Russian Federation. About this writes the edition “PolitRussia”.

The boxer also admitted that he enjoys playing chess, especially in the style adopted in Russia, since such traditions are not common in the United States.

                        Putin supported the EP initiative on free medicines for hearts March 22, 2023 at 19:33 


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