Political scientist Kornilov said that the rapprochement between Russia and China worries the West more than Ukraine

                        March 23 - BLiTZ.  The United States is categorically against a peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine.  This opinion was voiced by Donetsk political scientist, historian, journalist Vladimir Kornilov.

“Now China is proposing a plan for Ukraine. Kirby, Blinken and other senior US officials say that the US does not accept the idea of ​​a truce and a ceasefire as such. This means only one thing: Ukrainians must continue to die in any case, ”Kornilov believes.

He described what actually worries Washington now more than the Ukrainian issue.

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“They are very worried about this proposal (the plan for a peaceful settlement of China – ed.). Much has been written in the Western press recently about why Ukrainians should continue to die. Much more than the life or death of Ukrainians, the fate of Nezalezhnaya as such, they (the West – ed.) are worried about the need to drive a wedge between Russia and China. This is a super task. Everything else is secondary, ”added Kornilov.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow ended yesterday, where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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