Japan Today: Russia has done nothing wrong to the Land of the Rising Sun

                        March 23 - BLiTZ.  Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida promises to help Poland with Ukrainian refugees.  The price of the issue is not announced.  But such a gesture of "good will" did not please everyone.  Readers note: while some are fighting Nazism, others are trying to splurge.

The information that Kishida visited Poland, made an unexpected visit to Kiev and met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, does not leave the pages of the Japanese media. The Prime Minister of the Land of the Rising Sun promised to help Poland with Ukrainian refugees. Japan usually provides promised aid to developing countries, and although Poland is not one of them, the Japanese government makes a special exception.

“My food and lodging bills have increased by about 20%. My partner had to take a second job to pay our mortgage. Russia is not doing anything aggressive towards us. In fact, they give us cheap energy, and they did a good job. Why is my tax money going to America’s proxy war? We are already paying for bases and housing for the US military, ”a reader under the nickname Rodney asks on the pages of Japan Today.

“During World War II, the Ukrainian Nazis massacred over 100,000 Poles and took most of Western Ukraine from them. Russia stopped the Nazis,” readers continue to write comments.

“At the end of the summer, 10 million Ukrainians will flee to Western Europe because they have no support in a losing Ukraine,” Japanese media readers write.

“A few months after the start of the war between Ukraine and Russia, they started talking about peace talks. But they were abruptly halted when Zelensky demanded the return of Crimea to Ukraine as a condition for a ceasefire that the Russians could never agree to. This war will go on long enough for the Western arms industry to make big profits,” muses reader Meiyouwenti.
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“A safe country is in Europe or Russia. Just not in a Japanese-speaking country on the other side of the northern hemisphere. In Europe, Ukrainian refugees, migrants, can bypass the queue of asylum seekers whose countries are devastated by illegal wars and US/UK/NATO invasions. They also receive generous benefits compared to the average $200 a month they usually receive for their work. They can also return to vacation in Ukraine,” writes Rodney.

Readers also note that such assistance is dust in the eyes, that it would be better for the government to take care of the standard of living of the local population, and not spend Japan’s finances in this way. For even an unfortunate couple of thousand yen will be a good help, otherwise you will have to work in retirement in order to survive.


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