Agreements with international companies to develop services


Ooredoo Group recorded remarkable success during its successful participation in the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
A delegation from the senior management of the Ooredoo Group and its subsidiaries attended the conference, where they held a series of meetings with high-level officials and representatives of major international companies leading in the sector, and signed a number of new partnership agreements that aim to upgrade the company’s customer experience in its locations around the world.
The Ooredoo Group has entered into a number of partnership agreements, and has expanded the scope of a number of existing partnership agreements, most notably with Microsoft, with the aim of enabling its subsidiaries to provide its corporate customers with additional individual cloud services or integrated into the premium communication services packages offered by Ooredoo. The new partnership includes all companies operating under the umbrella of the Ooredoo Group, and its terms will be implemented this year. The group also concluded two agreements with Huawei, whereby, under the first agreement, Ooredoo will deploy advanced technologies and the latest wireless connectivity solutions provided by Huawei, including the fifth generation 5G, in Kuwait, Oman, Iraq and Tunisia, in a step that falls within its tireless efforts to continuously modernize its networks and provide a transformative experience for users. As for the second partnership, a platform for mobile financial services will be provided in the global markets in which Ooredoo operates, as the two sides will cooperate to provide the first advanced mobile financial services on the Huawei platform to individual and merchant customers in Ooredoo markets. Ooredoo Group also expanded its partnership with ZTE by signing two agreements, and entered into another partnership with Nokia with the aim of modernizing Ooredoo networks in Algeria and Tunisia, under which Nokia will modernize its Radio Access Networks (RAN) and expand coverage in new locations in each country. from Algeria and Tunisia, allowing Ooredoo to improve network performance for its customers in those markets.
The conference also witnessed the signing of new agreements and partnerships by subsidiaries of the Ooredoo Group, and the participation of officials from these companies in a number of high-level sessions that were organized. Aziz Al-Othman Fakhro, Managing Director and CEO of Ooredoo Group, said: “Mobile World Congress is an ideal platform through which we can communicate with players in the sector, strengthen our existing relationships, build bridges of cooperation with new partners and explore available opportunities, all of which are the cornerstones of our successful corporate strategy. ».
He added, “We are witnessing a distinguished phase of growth in the telecommunications sector, coinciding with the rapid development of many new and innovative technologies. We at Ooredoo, as a leading company in the field of technology, are keen to remain at the forefront of this path of development, and to share our expertise for the benefit of the sector and customers.” Fakhro affirmed the group’s keenness to continue its strategic commitment to modernizing the customer experience, and said: “There is no doubt that these partnerships will enable us to improve our service offerings. We look forward to strengthening our relations with our current and new partners in the future, and we would like to thank the organizers of the conference for providing us with these opportunities.”


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