Secrets of cop killer fake Indian national Arav Khan revealed


While back in 2008, most of us have watched a movie named ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, here is another unbelievable story of another “Slumdog” named Arav Khan an alias of Rabiul Islam, Rabiul, Apan, Apan Bepari, Sohag, Sohag Mollah, Redoy, Redoy Mollah and Hride.

In the movie – ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, an eighteen-year-old Jamal Malik, an Indian Muslim from the Juhu slum of Mumbai, is a contestant on Kaun Banega Crorepati, and is one question away from the grand prize. However, before the 20 million question, he is detained and tortured by the police, who suspect him of cheating. Through a series of flashbacks, Jamal recounts the incidents in his life that provided him with each answer.

At five years old, Jamal manages to obtain the autograph of Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan after jumping into a cesspit. Jamal’s elder brother Salim later sells the autograph. Their mother is killed during the Bombay riots, and as the brothers flee the riot, they meet Latika, a girl from their slum. Salim is reluctant to take her in, but Jamal suggests that she could be their “third musketeer”, a reference to the Alexandre Dumas novel The Three Musketeers which the two brothers had learned about in school. The brothers refer to themselves as Athos and Porthos but do not know the third musketeer’s name.

The three children are found by Maman—a gangster who trains street children to become beggars. When Salim learns that Maman is blinding the children to make them more effective beggars – “blind singers earn double” – he escapes with Jamal and Latika to a train. The brothers successfully board the moving train but Latika is unable to keep up. Salim grabs her hand but purposefully lets go, leaving her to be recaptured by Maman. For the next few years, Salim and Jamal travel around on top of trains, making a living by selling goods, picking pockets, washing dishes, and pretending to be tour guides at the Taj Mahal. At Jamal’s insistence, they return to Mumbai to find Latika, where they discover that she is being raised by Maman to be a prostitute. The brothers rescue her, Salim shooting Maman dead. Salim gets a job with Javed—a rival crime lord. In their room, Salim orders Jamal to leave him alone with Latika, presumably to sexually assault her. When Jamal refuses, Salim draws a gun on him and Latika persuades Jamal to leave.

Years later, Jamal, now working as a chaiwala in a call centre, searches the centre’s database for Salim and Latika. He learns that Salim is a high-ranking lieutenant in Javed’s crime organization and confronts him, Salim pleads for forgiveness and Jamal lies his way into Javed’s residence to reunite with Latika. Although he professes his love for her, she tells him to forget about her. Despite the refusal, Jamal promises that he will wait for her every day at five o’clock at Victoria Terminus. Latika attempts to meet him there but she is captured by Javed’s men, led by Salim. They cut and scar her face as they drive away. Jamal loses contact with Latika and in a final attempt to reach her, he decides to become a contestant on Kaun Banega Crorepati, because he knows she watches the show.

Jamal is extremely successful on the show and becomes popular across India, much to the dismay of the show’s host, Prem Kumar. Kumar attempts to trick Jamal by feeding him the wrong answer to the penultimate question. However, Jamal uses his 50/50 lifeline and answers correctly, raising suspicion that he is cheating.

When the episode ends, Jamal is arrested. After an initial beating, the police inspector listens to his explanation of how he knew each answer. Finding his stories “bizarrely plausible”, and that he admits that Jamal is “too truthful” to be a liar, the officer allows him to return to the show. Latika sees Jamal on the news. In an effort to make amends for his past behavior, Salim gives Latika his phone and car keys, asking her to forgive him and to keep the phone near. After Latika leaves, Salim fills a bathtub with money and sits in it, waiting for Javed to realize Latika is free.

For the final question, Jamal is asked the name of the third musketeer. He laughs at the irony and admits he does not know but chooses to try to answer the question anyway. He uses his “Phone-A-Friend” lifeline to call Salim, because it is the only phone number he knows. Latika answers and tells Jamal that she is safe, but that she does not know the answer. Javed hears Latika on the show and realizes that Salim betrayed him. He and his men break down the bathroom door but Salim kills Javed before he is shot and killed by the gang. Relieved about Latika, Jamal guesses and picks the first answer, Aramis. He is correct and wins the grand prize. Jamal and Latika meet on the platform at the train station and kiss. Closing credits include an Indian film-style musical number, “Jai Ho”.

Story of Slumdog Arav Khan

While Slumdog Millionaire was a loose adaptation of the novel Q & A (2005) by Indian author Vikas Swarup, story of Slumdog Arav Khan is no fiction. It is a real-life-story of a youth hailing from an extremely poor family in Bangladesh, who has not become the owner of unknown or rather unimaginable amount of cash. No one known wherefrom he got such a massive amount of cash – or names of people who are behind this mysterious character.

According to Blitz reports, this fugitive cop killer holds Indian passport number U-4985389. According to our reporters, on February 23, 2020 Arav Khan married an Indian female named Sajema Nasrin, where he mentioned his name as Arav Khan. According to the marriage certificate, Arav Khan’s father’s name is Zakir Khan and they are residents of the Kandanpopur area in Narendrapur in Kolkata.

Immediately after marrying Sajema Nasrin, Arav Khan managed an Indian passport and flew to Dubai in 2021 and opened a company jointly with a Dubai local. In the Indian passport, which was issued from Kolkata on July 28, 2020, Rabiul’s name is mentioned as Arav Khan, son of Jakir Khan and Rehana Bibi Khan. The spouse’s name is mentioned as Sajeema Nasrin.

As per the Indian passport, Arav was born on July 31, 1993 at Nerendrapur, West Bengal. The passport will expire on July 27, 2030.

Following publication of reports in Blitz, Arav Khan came on Facebook LIVE and claimed that he holds US green card and Canadian passport. He also admitted that he hails from Gopalganj district in Bangladesh, meaning his claim as been born in Nerendrapur, West Bengal in India is false. Indian authorities can now revoke his passport and notify Dubai authorities how this fugitive cop killer has dodged the authorities concerned in India and managed an Indian passport with false information. Meanwhile, the US and Canadian authorities can now investigate if this criminal really has obtained American green card and Canadian citizenship.

Arav Khan is the son of Matiur Rahman Mollah of Ashutia village of Kotalipara upazila under Gopalganj district in Bangladesh.

According to his Facebook ID, Arav Khan claims to be hailing from Salt Lake City in Kolkata in India and currently living in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.

On his Facebook ID, this fugitive cop killer “Arav Khan” also claims to have studied at Kings College at the University of London and is the owner of ‘Apon Group of Industries’ and ‘Times of Bangladesh’ and also Chief Executive Officer at Arav Jewelers in Dubai.

The case of this notorious cop killer came into the attention of media when he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for inauguration of ‘Arav Jewellers’ in Dubai’s Gold Souk. Address of this jewelry store is: Shop 16, Building 5, Hind Plaza, New Gold Souk, Dubai, Phone +971-501-786-016.

Who is Arav Khan’s fake mother Rehana Bibi Khan?

Back in 2018, immediately after murdering Inspector Mamun Emran Khan of Bangladesh Police’s Special Branch, Rabiul Islam fled to India through Comilla-Tripura border and took shelter in a slum area at Narendrapur – next to Kolkata. Since then he is absconding.

Photo of Rehana Bibi Khan, owner of the house in Kolkata where Arav Khan lived

While in India, Rabiul changed his name and became Arav Khan and his wife Sajema Nasreen (real named of Arav Khan’s wife is Suraiya Akhtar Keya, an accused in the police inspector murder case) were staying in a rented house belonging to one Zakir Khan next to the Uday Sangh Club, thus hiding real identity. Arav Khan quickly started behaving as son of Zakir Khan and his wife Rehana Bibi Khan, although they were the owner of the house where he was living with his wife. After some months, Arav stole the Indian Aadhaar cards of Zakir Khan and Rehana Bibi Khan and succeeded in getting Indian passports for him and his wife Sajema Nasreen with false identities. In the passport, Arav Khan’s address is stated as Kandarpur, Uday Sangh Club, Rajpur-Sonarpur, South 24 Parganas, Kolkata-700084. Immediately after getting Indian passports, the couple left India for Dubai.

Zakir Khan, whom Arav identified as his father, died of a heart attack a couple of years ago. Zakir’s wife Rehana Bibi Khan told reporters, “Arav came as a tenant five years ago. We rented the house for a year, then they suddenly moved to Dubai. We had the same relationship with Arav Khan that a tenant has with the landlord. However, Arav did not mix much with the people of the area. He did not go out much”.

Local residents of Kandarpur said they all knew Arav personally. He used to travel with a BMW bike. He introduced himself as a film artist in the area.

Series of lies of Slumdog Arav Khan

For the last few days, the Facebook profile of Rabiul Islam AKA Arav Khan, which has now over 4.2 lakh followers, has been visited by many and scrutinized by some, which revealed some of the photos he posted were doctored.

Created on April 9, 2020, the profile was initially named Apon Arav before being changed to Arav Khan. His profile documents his journey from India to the UAE.

Schengen visa issued to fake Indian national Arav Khan aliases of of Rabiul Islam, Rabiul, Apan, Sohag, Redoy and Hride

For example, a photo of him in front of London Bridge was found to be photoshopped, as was another photo in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

He shared his photos taken in various locations around the world, including Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Australia. But some of these have also been found to be doctored. A photo of him on a private plane and another in Switzerland are among them.

On August 27 and 29 in 2020, he posted two photos claiming that he was in New Zealand and the UK, but it was later discovered that these were actually taken in Coco Beach in Panjim and Anjum Beach in Goa, India.

Rabiul went on Facebook live with singer Noble, who is also from Gopalganj, on May 25, 2021. He later claimed to have produced a music video with the singer.

In the profile, he claims to have graduated from King’s College in London between 2015 and 2019. However, police said he could not even pass the SSC exams.

According to law enforcement officials, Rabiul, who also goes by aliases Shohag Molla, Apon and Ridoy, has another Facebook profile, named “Sheikh Hridi” that dates back to 2009.

The criminal record of Rabiul, accused of killing a police inspector in 2018, came under the spotlight after he invited cricketer Shakib Al Hasan to open his jewellery store in Dubai on March 15, 2023.

On the left, the house where Arav Khan used to live at tin-shed first floor. On the right is Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, where Arav Khan now owns apartments

Soon after the murder, Rabiul fled to India and then managed to have an Indian passport. He is now living in Dubai.

In a Facebook post on November 28, 2021, he said he got permanent residency in Dubai.

Rabiul uploaded photos and videos of various places in Dubai, including Burj Khalifa, Expo 2020 Dubai, and Desert Safari on October 15, 2022. He shared a photo in front of the Padma Bridge on October 22 last year. In another post, he thanked his friends for making him the chairman of “Times of Bangladesh”.

On January 8 that year, Rabiul said he purchased five flats in Dubai. On February 27, he shared that he had obtained the Schengen visa, the single visa for EU countries.

He posted photos and videos of the Padma river and Cox’s Bazar on March 16 and 17 last year.

On June 16 that year, he posted a video claiming to be in Gopalganj, but a auto-rickshaw in the video suggested that it was in India.

On January 17, 2023, he announced that he owned Arav Diamond and Gold Jewellers in Dubai. Three days later, he shared photos and videos of his newly purchased flat on the 65th floor of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper.

On his Facebook page, it is mentioned that he made a falcon sculpture for his shop with 60kg gold.

On February 8, he posted a video from somewhere in India riding a BMW motorbike.

A few days ago, he uploaded a video clip on Facebook where Shakib said he was going to open Arav Jewellers in Dubai on March 15.

Similar videos of showbiz stars were also uploaded to his Facebook page.

Video clips on social media showed that Shakib went to the shop accompanied by Rabiul in a luxury vehicle.

Bangladesh Police notifies Interpol about Arav Khan

Bangladesh Police have taken a step forward in their efforts to bring absconding murderer and gold trader Arav Khan, back to the country. The police have forwarded a letter to the Interpol, seeking their assistance in apprehending the suspect who is currently residing in Dubai.

UAE authorities issue Resident Identity Card to fake Indian national Arav Khan aliases of of Rabiul Islam, Rabiul, Apan, Sohag, Redoy and Hride

According to Monzur Rahman, the Assistant Inspector General of Bangladesh Police headquarters (media), the request for Interpol’s help was confirmed to the media on March 18, 2023.

This move comes after Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal announced that all efforts were being made to bring Arav Khan back to Bangladesh from Dubai.

How Arav Khan’s real identity was exposed?

Bangladeshi cricker Shakib Al Hasan along with a number of artists joined the opening ceremony of the jeweler shop on Arav Khan in Dubai on Wednesday (March 15, 2023).  After seeing Arav on a Facebook post, many people recognized him as Robiul Islam, the fugitive murder accused. Discussions started on how an absconding accused went to Dubai and made a hefty amount of money.

Consequently, police launched an investigation regarding the matter.

According to police sources, Rabiul Islam alias Arav Khan started a gold business in Dubai with financial help from a former senior retired police officer.

Meanwhile, Former Inspector General of Police, Benazir Ahmed, has denied having any connection with Arav Khan. In a statement posted on his verified Facebook Page, the ex-police chief addressed the people of the country and asserted that he does not know anyone named ‘Arav Khan alias Rabiul aka Hridoy’, nor has he ever had any primary acquaintance with him.

“I want to assure you all that I have spent my entire law enforcement career fighting murderers, terrorists, drug dealers, smugglers, counterfeiters, and criminals, without developing any relationships with them”, wrote Benazir Ahmed.

He further thanked the people of the country for their “endless love, support, and cooperation”.

On July 8, 2018, SB Inspector Mamun Imran Khan was murdered in a house in the capital’s Banani. The next day, his body was packed in a sack and taken to a forest in Ulukhola, Gazipur, doused in petrol and set on fire.

After investigating the case, the DB filed a charge sheet in April 2019. In the charge sheet, police said that a gang led by Rabiul Islam used to trap affluent people, blackmail and extort money from them. It was also learnt that Rabiul Islam was having dozens of models and drama actresses as his cohort in the blackmailing activities.

UAE authorities issued stay permit to fake Indian national Arav Khan aliases of Rabiul Islam, Rabiul, Apan, Sohag, Redoy and Hride

In April 2019, police filed charge sheet in Mamun Imran Khan’s murder case with the court indicting 10 people including Rabiul. Apart from Rabiul, his wife Suraiya Akhtar Keya was made an accused in the charge sheet. Mamun’s friends Rahmat Ullah, Swapan Sarkar, Didar Pathan, Mizan Sheikh, Atiq Hasan, Sarwar Hossain and two girls were also made accused in the case.

According to the case document, Rabiul Islam is the son of Motiur Rahman Molla and Lucky Begum of Ashutia village in Kotalipara, Gopalganj.

On 20 October 2020, a person posing Rabiul Islam surrendered in court after an arrest warrant was issued in the Mamun murder case. The court sent him to jail. After almost 9 months of imprisonment, the young man claimed that he is not the real Rabiul Islam, his real name is Abu Yusuf. In promise of monthly payment from Rabiul Islam, he surrendered to the court posing as the accused.

Who is behind Arav Khan?

In a phone call with self-styled journalist named Zulkarnain Saer, Rabiul Islam admitted that he has connections with an extremely influential individual. From this statement, it can be anticipated that Rabiul Islam is just a pawn of that unknown influential individual who has been investing huge amount of cash in Dubai under the shadow of Rabiul alias Arav Khan.

Meanwhile, our Dubai correspondent Suraiyya Aziz has started investigating the case of Arav Khan. According to initial findings, Arav Khan has been mixing with a number of drug peddlers and gangsters in Dubai. He also has invested in a secret brothel which is run by an Egyptian individual, where mostly wealthy clients are provided girls from a number of countries, including Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and former Soviet republics. It is also learnt, a Bangladesh model-cum-actress, whose initials are ‘MZ’ has been working as a coordinator in collecting models and actresses for Arav’s secret brothel in Dubai. This model-cum-actress reportedly is aware of the actual identity of Arav Khan’s godfather.

Suraiyya Aziz further said, although Arav Khan has just recently opened a gold store in Dubai, he has been investing cash in drug rackets in Dubai while he also was trying to establish links with notorious terror don Dawood Ibrahim’s infamous D-Company.

Our correspondents are trying to collect copy of the CCTV footage of the apartment at Burj Khalifa, where Arav Khan is currently living in Dubai. We also are contacting Dubai Police and other law enforcement agencies in the United Arab Emirates, including CID. Hopefully very soon we shall succeed in finding the godfather of Arav Khan.


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