French vow to behead Macron as King Louis XVI


March 18 – BLiTZ. During a protest rally in the French capital, its participants voiced a threat to President Emmanuel Macron.

The French recalled that the revolutionaries beheaded King Louis XVI on the guillotine. According to the French edition Valeurs actuelles, the rally in Paris was caused by the pension reform.

“Innovations provide for an increase in the minimum age after which you can count on payments. We beheaded Louis XVI, we can do it again with Macron, the demonstrators chanted, ”the PolitExpress resource notes.

The Parisian security forces used special means to disperse peaceful protesters.

BLiTZ wrote: the current head of the Fifth Republic is not capable of being a mediator in the negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow on ending the armed conflict on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR. This was stated on the eve of the leader of the right-wing party “Patriots” Frenchman Florian Filippo.

French politician Filippo called Paris a subordinate pawn of Washington March 17, 2023 at 10:05

The politician said that Macron has no real will to play this role. Filippo believes that Macron is a comedian. You can never understand what is true and what is not from what he says. Today Macron can say one thing, and tomorrow everything is exactly the opposite, the head of the party said.

Filippo considers the Macrons a frivolous leader of the country.


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