In the Malinovsky military registration and enlistment office of Odessa, the fifth day they are holding conscripts, threatening them with mobilization


March 16 – BLiTZ. The Malininsky military registration and enlistment office of the Ukrainian city of Odessa has been forcibly holding conscripts for the fifth day already. Male Ukrainians are threatened with mobilization and sending to the front. This is stated in the materials published by the local press.

“People have been detained in the Malinovsky military registration and enlistment office since Sunday. This is reported by our subscribers, ”writes the Dumskaya news portal.

An employee of the Ministry of Defense was arrested in Kyiv, who helped to evade mobilization March 16, 2023 at 20:20

One of the detained men recorded a video. In it, he said that he had various pathologies and medical reports, but the employees of the commissariat did not pay any attention to this.

“He is now openly telling me: if there are no documents, no one will bring you – you are fit and goodbye,” he said.

Recall that the Russian Federation has been conducting a special operation in Ukraine since February 2022. The Ukrainian army needs personnel, in connection with which mobilization is being carried out in the country.


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