Western countries mercilessly abuse human dignity and rights


Human dignity and rights are mercilessly abused in Western countries which are fond of raising the clamor about others’ human rights.

Police’s sexual assault and family violation have recently increased in the United Kingdom.

According to the February 25 issue of the Metro newspaper of the country, the fact that many cops affiliated to the Metropolis police are the perpetrators of sexual assaults or family violence continues to be disclosed these days and the number of trials related to them is on the increase.

More than 1 000 reported cases are now under investigation. The problem is that though the police authorities accept the reports, they tolerate and shield most of the perpetrators, giving only some of them such light penalties as fine and suspension of duties.

According to information published by the Observer newspaper of the country, the number of policemen who were involved in the crimes in England and Wales has increased by 590 percent during the past decade to reach 1 387 last year. In early February this year, a policeman was taken into custody on charges of raping and committing outrages on 12 women.

Social criticism against police is growing as the police authorities help cops evade penal responsibility rather than severely punishing those who committed crimes.

An American human rights activist said in an article published on February 7 that the problem related to police counteraction in the UK or the US started from the inhumane treatment of black and yellow men. Referring to the fact that the British police killed a 24-year-old bare-handed young man in September last year and women police examined a 15-year-old black girl after taking off her clothes in 2020, he said that racial discrimination around the world and the influence of police culture, which does not see that people have rights to enjoy elementary human rights, brings about negative consequences.

On February 13, it was confirmed that at least 4 845 minors have been subjected to sexual maltreatment since 1950 at the Portuguese Catholic Church. An independent committee said that this is only the tip of the iceberg in a report after investigating the situation.

Seventy-seven percent of injurers were clergymen and 57 percent of victims were women. Most of the sufferers were maltreated in the period when they were ten to fourteen years old and the youngest sufferer was only two years old.

Catholics constitute the majority of Portuguese population. It is none other than the height of double standard for believers who preach harmony between people to maltreat people.

A delegate to social council of this country said that the report shows severe and tragic reality, adding that he begs forgiveness to all victims.

The same is the case with Japan. The Seya police station in Kanagawa Prefecture arrested a man aged 34 on the suspicion of killing his wife on February 20. According to the announcement of the police, the man hit his 26-year-old wife at her face and inflicted a wound on her at their house on February 19.

Earlier, the police arrested the mother who killed her two-year old son by committing an outrage on him.

This is the true colors of Western countries that style themselves human rights champions.

These facts prove that “human rights protection” is only hot air in Western countries where policemen who are supposed to maintain social order commit various outrages, believers perpetrate maltreatment and murderous deeds are rampant.

Western countries ought to put right their own domestic affairs before talking about others’ human rights.

The Pyongyang Times


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