America repeats its doctored election in Nigeria


In the name of saving democracy, US President Joe Biden and his team members at the State Department have jointly repeated an American-style doctored election in Nigeria, and succeeded in snatching victory in favor of their own man – Bola A Tinubu (Bola Ahmed Tinubu).

A Muslim born in Nigeria’s Yoruba-speaking southwest, Tinubu trained as an accountant in the United States and worked for several US companies, including as a treasurer in oil giant ExxonMobil. Meaning, he is the only candidate during Nigeria’s election with decades-old relations with Americans, and possibly the US intelligence establishment including CIA.

Critics see a different Tinubu. They point to controversies surrounding his age, parental ancestry, educational background and health. Allegations of corruption have lingered though he has been tried and mysteriously acquitted.

Allegations of election rigging in Nigeria

Opposition parties in Nigeria have called for the presidential election to be scrapped, describing it as a sham.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the Labour Party said results had been manipulated, compromising the poll.

The opposition parties were critical of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and its handling of the electronic voting system.

“I demand that this sham of an election be cancelled and we call on INEC to conduct fresh elections within the window period provided by the electoral act”, said Julius Abure, chairman of the Labour Party.

The African Democratic Congress (ADC) has also backed the call by Labour and the PDP, which is the main opposition party, for a fresh election to be held.

A group of angry protesters have gathered outside the national collation canter in the capital, Abuja.

They are carrying placards denouncing the electoral commission.

“Everything happening there is all lies, all lies, lies… they are cooking up results”, one man told the BBC.

The vice-presidential candidates of the People’s Democratic Party and the Labour Party, Ifeanyi Okowa and Datti Baba-Ahmed, said that there was no transparency in the just concluded February 25 elections.

A Nigerian Catholic priest serving in Malawi, Rev Fr Kelvin Ugwu, has alleged that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, altered the original results of Saturday’s presidential elections.

Some opposition parties, including the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and the Labour Party had alleged that the results being collated in Abuja were manufactured by those in authority.

In the same vein, Fr Kelvin, in a post on his verified Facebook page, alleged that officials of INEC were comprised, stressing that all the results were doctored.

Election engineering staged by Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) under direct influence of the US administration

While lauding the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo over his call for the cancellation of the results, Fr Kelvin opined that even the Malawian government was not happy with the development.

The post reads in part, “As for Olusegun Obasanjo, I am happy he said what he said. If you listen carefully to his words, you will know that he was not just speaking from the head. INEC is compromised. All the results were doctored. All! Including Lagos.

“So even if Obi is announced as the winner of this election, it doesn’t call for celebration until the right figures and numbers are announced.

“I am sharing the pictures below coming from Rivers not because you may not have seen them already, but just so you see one major thing: Their Audacity.

“What those rigging this election are simply saying is, we own you, we can do anything and nothing will happen. And truly, for years, they have been doing anything they like, and nothing had happened”.

What may happen now?

In my opinion, Nigeria may see devastating consequence of America’s meddling in their domestic politics and election. This rigged election may push the country towards further chaos and even a civil war.

After devastating Afghanistan and Ukraine, Team Biden has possibly now succeeded in turning Nigeria into a country of extreme chaos and anarchy. This is how American policymakers are frantically trying to destabilize every country in the world. They may attempt to repeated similar thuggish agenda in the South Asian nations – particularly Bangladesh and India when both countries will be holding general election in 2024.

Destabilizing any country under the pretext of “saving democracy” or “strengthening democracy” is now one of the major agendas of war-monger Joe Biden and his Western cronies. Unless every nation raise voice against such notorious agenda of the West, we may witness a similar situation like Afghanistan and Ukraine in many other parts of the world.


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