Where and how to store bread


February 24, 2023, 16:00 – BLiTZ – News

Not a single person can do without bread. Bread is on every table. It is not only tasty and satisfying, but also healthy. It is very important that the baked goods remain fresh during storage. The public news service figured out how and where to properly store bread.

So that the bread does not get stale and moldy, you need to know how and in what to store a fresh loaf and sliced ​​loaf.

Recommendations for preserving the nutritional properties of bread

Do not store bread in plastic bags. Such packaging prevents the penetration of air and creates a microclimate conducive to the appearance of moldy fungi. Store bread in a wooden bread box. The best juniper bread box. Wipe its inner surface with vinegar and dry thoroughly. In warm, humid places, bread molds very quickly, so use moisture absorbers – salt, sugar, potatoes. Take a large saucepan, pour salt on the bottom. Wrap the bread in a natural fabric, such as linen, and place it on the bottom of the pan. Close the lid and keep out of direct sunlight. If the bread is stale, it can be sprinkled with water and held briefly in a hot oven. It is better to eat warm bread right away, otherwise, when it cools down, it will turn into a cracker.

How to store bread so that it does not stale ahead of time

– Store bread in a closed container that allows air to pass through. For example, in a bread box made of birch bark or wood. A plastic bread box is also suitable as storage, but the bread in it will not be as fresh.

– Natural linen or canvas prevents the bread from drying out quickly.

– If you only have a plastic bag on hand and nothing else, make holes in it – this will help preserve the bread.

– In the hot season, you can store bread in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 2 degrees, but it will quickly become stale.

– You can use the freezer. Defrost bread just before use and reheat in the oven.

– Store different types of bread separately. In a voluminous ceramic pot, bread will keep its freshness for 5-7 days. Paper bags are suitable for storage, but do not protect flour products from drying out.

– Natural bread without additives becomes stale in 2-3 days. With additives – more than 5 – 6 days, think about the quality of baking and the presence of preservatives.


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