Western weapons must not reach Ukraine – DOS


February 24, 2023, 00:13 – BLiTZ – News

Rodion Miroshnik, the former ambassador of the Luhansk People’s Republic to the Russian Federation, said that Moscow needs to ensure that weapons from the West no longer enter Ukrainian territory.

He noted that the supplies will not have a significant impact on the course of the special operation. At the same time, the ex-ambassador of the LNR in the Russian Federation drew attention to the fact that this is a dangerous and deadly weapon. But, based on his statements, it will not bring victory to the Kyiv regime, but will only delay Russia’s special military operation.

“Now the West is more focused on the virtual space, in which it is trying to form the idea that a new weapon will bring victory to Ukraine,” the diplomat said during the broadcast of the “Tell the Truth” program.

Miroshnik expressed confidence that Russian troops need to eliminate weapons in traffic. Otherwise, it will provoke a protracted confrontation.

Recall, USAID Deputy Head Isabelle Coleman shared information that the government of the United States of America is able to make an announcement on February 24, which will contain information about the approval of the next support package for Kiev.

It should be noted that she refused to give details of such assistance, but drew attention to the fact that it would affect the energy sector of the country. Read more on the topic in the material of the BLiTZ.


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