Washington wants its puppet government in Nigeria


On February 25, 2023, Nigeria will be holding its election to elect a new government. Eyeing on this election, Washington has been making naked attempt of exerting its undue influence and plant a puppet government in Nigeria with the nefarious agenda of looting Nigeria’s natural resources and push the country towards socio-economic sufferings, while the US shall secretly collaborate Islamist militancy groups in Nigeria, including Boko Haram in intensifying jihadist notoriety.

According to the Bangkok Post report, US, European and other governments on Thursday urged Nigerian leaders to ensure a fair and calm election this weekend when the country votes to choose a successor to President Muhammadu Buhari.

More than 93 million Nigerians are registered to vote on Saturday in what has developed into a tense, competitive race among three presidential frontrunners for the first time since military rule ended in 1999.

After two terms under Buhari, Africa’s most populous nation is grappling with widespread insecurity from different armed groups, high inflation and growing poverty.

“It is vital for Nigeria’s stability and democratic consolidation that the process is conducted and concluded safely, fairly and credibly,” said a joint statement from the diplomatic missions of the United , Britain, Australia, Japan, Canada and Norway.

US President Joe Biden in a statement on Nigeria’s election said:

“Elections are a fundamental part of a functioning democracy, and all Nigerians deserve this chance to choose their future — freely and fairly.  While the United States does not support any single candidate or party, we strongly support a peaceful and transparent process that reflects the will of the people of Nigeria.  On election day, I encourage all Nigerians — no matter their religion, region, or ethnicity —to exercise this fundamental freedom and make their voices heard — including young voters, many of whom may be heading to the ballot box for the first time.

“The United States stands with the Nigerian people as they chart a path toward a more democratic, prosperous, and secure future.  I appreciate President Buhari’s firm commitment that the will of the people will be respected.  And in the coming days, I encourage voters to remain peaceful and patient as their ballots are tallied, and urge the political parties and candidates to live up to their pledge”.

It may be mentioned here that, the elections in the US are marred with allegations of manipulation and vote rigging. Joe Biden, who is possibly going to face impeachment bids and criminal charges was elected in 2020 where state machinery, including intelligence agencies had played nakedly partisan role in favor of Biden.

Meanwhile, USAID has released a video on social media, where Secretary of State Antony Blinken and two other US officials have issued statements, where it is said that the Nigerian people has US as its “friend and partner”.

Majority of the people are expressing dismay and anger at the video statement, stating it is a clear attempt of interfering into Nigeria’s sovereignty. Here are few of those comments:

@ishakaa: I know you are probably watching @NTANewsNow, I am sorry for disturbing you at this time, we have had enough of this audacious foreign interference in our elections, despite ur warning the UK & US govts wouldn’t leave us alone.

@AmandaMilius: The last thing you see when American bureaucrats are about to decide your election.

@MickeyMarxClub: If this tweet and associated handle couldn’t be any more brazen than if she was called Coup McOverthrow.

@Rakeshhkumaar: When USAID enters a country, you know the CIA has infiltrated. USAID is a long established CIA front organisation to push US imperialism.

@HeyBooBoo16: This guarantees the election will be rigged by the Globalist One World Order freaks…

@GarlandNixon: The Regime change monsters go to Nigeria to steal an election.

@RealPepeEscobar: When Samantha Batshit Crazy Power and Puny Little Blinkie tell you how you should vote, you know they must be wallowing in Desperation Row.

@omo_ogo_adulawo: Your Neo-colonial master says you all should go and vote for any of their puppets ooo… Gbogbo wa o sha ni shoriburuku o.

@WhirlwindWisdom: We know who you are and we saw what you did – in Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria… Ukraine The Global South, 88% of world population, is on to you.

@ElijahSchaffer: The USA just openly admitted we rig Nigeria’s election.

@vjeannek: Nigeria must have valuable raw materials the globalist American empire wants to steal.

@JackPosobiec: Biden Admin openly meddling in Nigeria elections.

@DerejeMelaku2: Text book example of #Neocolonialism & interference in the internal affairs of other nations. Does #US accept &call it ‘friendship’ if officials from other nation talk on their election in any form?

@jacques_hyzagi: If this freak @PowerUSAID is in your country watch out! Gather your friends! Surround military barracks! Form a human shield! Coup coming up! #NigeriaDecides2023.

@For2000years: Various State Dept/spook types have been tweeting a lot about Nigeria’s elections. They couldn’t care less about the people there, which means only one thing: one of the candidates is “their” guy, tasked with carrying out their geopolitical agenda, and it’s already been decided.

@RedpillSentinel: Oh great …they are going to fortify another election….this time in Nigeria.

@das_Ruka: USAID and NED are terrorist organizations.

@MicheleRoussea7: Everyone keep your eyes focused on Nigeria on the 25th. The usual meddlers have an interest in the Nigerian election! Stop US global exploitation and war!

@onlyfreelance1: Meddling again! It never ends. Every conflict, every war, there you are. The common denominator. Your finger prints on every thing. Leaving death and destruction in your wake. All under the guise of democracy and freedom.


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