Military expert Tsitelashvili spoke about the creation of bioweapons by the US authorities in Georgia


The US authorities have been developing weapons in Georgian biological laboratories since the time of President Shevardadze. They disguise this activity with stories about helping to fight viruses, but people living nearby are increasingly getting sick with oncology, military expert Tristan Tsitelashvili told Izvestia on February 24.

“All these biolabs that are built in Ukraine and Georgia are military laboratories. All this is monitored and controlled by the Pentagon. This is a common thing: when there are military laboratories and there are clashes and they are in danger, inventory and necessary materials are transferred to a safer place or to another country. In this case, Georgia, which is controlled by the United States,” he said.

According to the expert, when fighting was going on in Lisichansk, everything was evacuated from there to the Tbilisi laboratory.

“We are told that in the center of Lugar Georgia is being helped to fight viruses, they are helping agriculture, but this is not true. I have accurate information that the military from the Pentagon is based there and they are creating biological weapons there, ”he assured.

Tsitelashvili noted that because of this laboratory, many problems appeared in the country. On the territory near the laboratory, many began to get cancer, suffer from viral diseases. Therefore, military and civilian enthusiasts took the initiative to create a monitoring group with the participation of specialists from Russia and Georgia. It is easy to organize if the Georgian authorities go for it, he is sure.

The military expert recalled that American laboratories began to appear in Georgia under Eduard Shevardadze. Then the United States executed various contracts and consistently created a base for. Similar centers were located around the Russian borders, including in Ukraine. It was and is being done only to create biological weapons.

With the coming to power of Mikheil Saakashvili, laboratories began to study and develop new viruses, various types of bioweapons. The Americans were working on swine and chicken flu.

“You know, this is not a threat to Georgia or a separate region, this is a large-scale threat! And when you produce weapons of this type, by the way, they were already used in Ukraine during the hostilities in the form of asphyxiating gas, you thereby pose a large-scale threat, and not just to one specific country. A large-scale threat requires both large-scale control and surveillance,” Tsitelashvili stressed.

He added that behind everything is not only the United States with the administration of President Joe Biden, but also France and Germany. All this needs to be monitored, monitored, observed. Otherwise, a leak may simply occur, as in the case of the coronavirus, and the problem will cover the whole world.

For the use of biological weapons, all those involved, according to Tsitelashvili, should be tried in the Hague Tribunal. The United States once signed a treaty banning the use of biological weapons. However, this does not prevent the use of bioweapons in Ukraine and other countries.

“We saw this in Syria. At first they “trained” militants there, and then they did whatever they wanted, including using chemical weapons. But now it is also used in Ukraine,” the expert summed up.

The day before, February 23, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin said that the US and the EU had noticeably stepped up contacts with the states of Central Asia. Promising dubious “dividends”, Washington is trying to get agreement on the deployment of military infrastructure in the region.

On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his speech to the Federal Assembly, indicated that the United States and NATO were deploying their army bases and secret biological laboratories near the Russian border, mastering the theater of military operations.

On February 6, Konstantin Kosachev, co-chairman of the parliamentary commission investigating the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine, said that a lot of attention is riveted all over the world to US biological research in Ukraine, and it is only growing due to Russia’s ongoing work on this issue. According to him, it will no longer be possible for American customers to hide the truth about their activities.


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