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February 21, 2023, 10:20 – BLiTZ – News

A flag of traditional family values ​​should appear in Russia. An anesthetist Ksenia Gubina addressed the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with an official appeal on this matter. In the letter, she emphasizes that the new symbol is needed to counterbalance the “rainbow” LGBT flag known around the world.

In her social networks, the expert presented to the public at once 10 sketches of the new banner of the “traditionalists”, generated using a neural network. The correspondent of the BLiTZ got acquainted with them and talked with the brand director of Ksenia Mirolyubova Alena in order to unleash the potential of the revolutionary idea together.

— Why, in your opinion, is it so important to create a symbol of traditional family values? How did you even come up with this idea?

– We are engaged in ansestology – the science of studying the genus and the potential of its representatives, which allows you to get rid of problems that are transmitted from generation to generation. So for us the theme of gender as such is extremely important. And we are well aware that people who are in non-traditional relationships are not able to prolong it! The more LGBT people there are, the more family chains can be interrupted once and for all.

Thank God, we live in Russia, where traditional family values ​​have always been in the first place, and we would like this to continue in the future. In the West, LGBT people are being promoted all the time, and there the concept of a “normal family” is no longer part of the social norm. We are in no way against gays, lesbians and transgender people, but we intend to defend the normality of “ordinary” families in which the concepts of “men” and “women” are not turned upside down.

How will the flag help you with this?

– He will become a symbol around which everyone who is alien to “non-traditional trends”, who is ready to defend their right to be normal, can unite around. The world must finally see these people, hear their voice! Because without them, humanity will eventually completely cease to exist.

– So you are planning to create a kind of “traditional international” – a union of men and women who practice heterosexual relationships?

– We hope that not only Russians will join our movement – so in a way it is. In fact, it is even strange that no one thought to create it before. Well, we’ll be the first!

At the same time, it is still difficult to say whether any of the Europeans and Americans who share our opinion about the correct structure of the family will popularize such ideas. In the end, there is a very strong LGBT lobby that won’t even let anyone open their mouths.

However, in general, Russia will be enough for us. In our country, the state focuses on patriotism, and traditional family values, of course, are its integral part. So in Europe, if they want, let them promote the LGBT agenda – and in a couple of generations we will live on their deserted lands!

— I wanted to chat about those ten sketches of your “traditionalist symbol” generated by a neural network and posted by you for everyone to see. They are very different in design, and some – in semantic content. Which ones do you personally like the most?

“Actually, we would not like to be limited to only them – our plans are to organize a kind of creative competition, during which people will send us their own sketches, and then we would be able to determine the best one with the help of voting.

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Of those that are, we ourselves most like the one that depicts beige, white and green stripes, and in the center is a tree with white family figures. But people are more sympathetic to the sketch in the colors of the Russian flag: red top, blue bottom and white wood. About a third of all three thousand votes were cast for him.

Why is it done in such dark colors? It even has some black spots on it.

– The colors that the neural network generated, of course, still need to be worked on.

– In six out of ten sketches, the tree plays a central role. Why?

– We, as genealogists, could not ignore the main “mascot” of our work. The tree symbolizes the family: its roots are our departed ancestors, its trunk is ourselves, and the fruits are our children. The tree, like no other object, fits the metaphorical description of the family.

— I was also interested in a sketch depicting a planet with a white family. On its background, stripes of blue, red, green and yellow colors are drawn alternating through the white. What do they mean?

— This is a kind of anti-LGBT flag. Let me explain the meaning of colors: red means masculine and feminine, green means nature, yellow means the sun, white means innocence. And we added blue because it is the only color that is included in the rainbow spectrum, but is not represented on the LGBT flag.

– There are two sketches that are out of the general logic: there are no trees or little men, but only ticks (or birds), two of which are much larger than the others.

– This is a kind of minimalistic image of the family, where there is no great semantic load. Everything is concrete here: mom, dad and several children. Perhaps such a symbol is needed for the flag of traditional values.

– Tell me, have you tried contacting professional designers?

We tried it, but we didn’t like the result. In addition, we want the best version of the sketch to come to us from the people. In this regard, what the neural network generated for us helped a lot: under the publication with the vote for the best image, there were many useful comments in which people share their thoughts and even advise what else can be added to make the message of the symbol as complete as possible.

So the idea of ​​a competition for the best traditional values ​​flag design is very good! We are sure that among the submitted sketches there will be something ingenious!

Earlier, the State Duma proposed a replacement for the word “homosexual”. Deputy Vitaly Milonov wants to replace it with the term “pederast”.


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