Beautician called ways to tighten the skin and change the shape of the face


Due to the natural aging process, after 40 years, the oval of the face often sags, a double chin and other skin changes appear. It is possible to effectively deal with such consequences only with the help of complex methods, Almagul Urazalina, a dermatologist, cosmetologist, chief physician of the LazerJazz network of cosmetology and dermatology clinics, told Izvestia on Tuesday, February 21.

“With age, the proportions of the face change, the clarity of the contours smooths out, the elasticity of soft tissues and skin decreases, a network of wrinkles appears, enlarged pores. This is largely due to a slowdown in metabolic processes in the body, a decrease in the rate of collagen, elastin synthesis, and cell renewal, ”the specialist explained.

She emphasized that the skin after 40 years of age needs an increased volume of building material, since the synthesis processes barely balance the decay processes. Simple moisturizing gives a temporary and unstable effect.

As the cosmetologist pointed out, to slow down chronoaging, that is, aging under the influence of time, and to obtain a pronounced effect of skin rejuvenation, complex preparations containing amino acids, coenzymes, vitamins, polynucleotides, growth factors, and collagen are required.

“Aging affects not only the skin, but also the underlying tissues throughout the depth, including the ligamentous apparatus, the muscle layer, as well as deep fat and bone structures. Therefore, with age, the oval of the face inevitably sinks, the corners of the eyebrows, eyes and mouth drop, the temporal regions are exposed, nasolabial creases, nasolacrimal grooves appear, the eye socket deepens, ”said Urazalina.

According to her, hardware procedures will help prevent these problems, namely, methods of combined rejuvenation, which will provide a cumulative effect.

“Due to the use of hardware and injection methods of lifting, we achieve the correction of wrinkles, the restoration of the oval of the face, the elimination of the second chin, frown lines and nasolabial folds. The face acquires youthful features, and the skin acquires a natural glow, ”the cosmetologist emphasized.

So, one of the key among such hardware procedures for the face is SMAS-lifting – this is a hardware ultrasound technique. It works at the level of the deep layers of the facial muscular-ligamentous system of the face.

“According to the protocols of dermatologists and cosmetologists, the result of a course of such procedures is a noticeable rejuvenation – up to 15 years. It does this by slowing down the aging process and rejuvenating the skin. We can say that the patient receives the effect of Photoshop: a fresh, radiant and rested look without filters, ”the specialist noted.

For the rejuvenation program to be effective, it is important to use an integrated approach, combining hardware and injection methods, Urazalina added.

On February 18, the therapist Ekaterina Ladygina named products to prolong youth. So, polyprenols and bioflavonoids, which are found in some berries and fruits, contribute to the rejuvenation of the body.


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