A resident of the United States staged a magnificent ceremony and married herself – DOS


February 21, 2023, 04:18 – BLiTZ – News

A citizen of the United States named Danny decided to marry herself and arranged a magnificent wedding. According to the Daily Mirror, the American spent over four thousand dollars on the marriage ceremony.

The conclusion of the marriage union took place on December 10 last year in the presence of family members and friends of the woman. The wedding was attended by nine bridesmaids, and another friend acted as master of ceremonies instead of the pastor. At the climax, she asked if Danny promised to never betray himself, never give up, appreciate, love and respect. The bride answered in the affirmative, after which she kissed her reflection in the mirror.

The girl herself claims that this wedding was for her an opportunity to loudly declare her love for herself and demonstrate how much she values ​​herself.

“There were many difficult events in my past, and for a long time I did not know what self-love was, did not give myself what I needed. The healing and awareness of this problem inspired me to marry myself. I didn’t live for myself and I perceive this event as an attempt to start all over again, ”Danny explained.

Recently in northern India there was a mass brawl during a wedding. The reason for the conflict was that the uncle of the groom could not treat himself to paneer cheese, traditional for Indian cuisine. Read more on the topic in the BLiTZ article.


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