The Russians were reminded of the three-day working week


The upcoming work week will be short and consist of only three working days. This was recalled in Rostrud.

From Thursday, February 23, the weekend will begin, which will last four days – until February 26 inclusive.

On February 23, Russia celebrates Defender of the Fatherland Day. Friday, February 24, will be a day off due to the postponement of January 1 from Sunday. February 25 and 26 are regular days off, writes “Federal News Agency”.

The working day on Wednesday, February 22, will be pre-holiday and shorter by one hour, the site writes At the same time, Russians with a schedule of six days will rest only three days, since February 25 will not be considered a day off for them, the TV channel clarifies. “Star”.

The next short working week will be in Russia in March, when International Women’s Day is celebrated. March 8 will be a day off, writes

On January 10, labor law expert Tatyana Nechaeva told Izvestia about how Russians will be paid, taking into account the red days of the calendar, and what an employee can get for going out on holidays.

On January 3, State Duma deputy Maxim Ivanov called for reducing the New Year holidays in Russia. In his opinion, there is no need to do this with the May weekend, as people are engaged in vegetable gardens and the holidays are beneficial, the TV channel notes. “360”.


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