Military historian spoke about submarines for underwater UAVs “Poseidon”


“Khabarovsk” and “Belgorod” are unique submarines and there is very little open information on them, military historian Dmitry Boltenkov told Izvestia.

“For example, the appearance of Khabarovsk is still unknown. There are only general schemes of his body. Presumably, this submarine will be able to dive to great depths. But “Belgorod” is intended for deep-sea research. Including she is the carrier of nuclear deep-sea stations and underwater robots. Both submarines are mentioned in the project of the Russian strategic nuclear submarine drone “Poseidon”. It is believed that Belgorod will be a test bench, and now Khabarovsk will be a regular carrier of strategic drones, ”he explained.

According to the expert, combining these submarines into one division is a completely understandable and logical decision. This will allow competent maintenance and operation of unique submarines.

“The Northern Fleet already has a similar formation – the 29th submarine division. It includes a whole fleet of unique deep-sea systems, including nuclear deep-sea stations, as well as carrier submarines,” said Dmitry Boltenkov.

It is planned to form a new division of submarines in Kamchatka. According to Izvestia’s sources in the military department, the issue of forming a new formation is currently “under study.” It will be armed with two unique submarines – “Belgorod” and “Khabarovsk”, as well as a support vessel. The construction of coastal infrastructure for ships and submarines is already being completed. The tasks that the submarines of the new division will probably solve have not been disclosed.

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