Why residents of the Chernihiv region began to poison the Armed Forces of Ukraine – DOS


February 19, 2023, 17:41 – BLiTZ – News

The poisoning of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Chernihiv region speaks of the complex processes taking place in Ukraine. The local population could stop supporting their army for several reasons. Some of them are objective, the other relates to the mentality of the inhabitants of the Chernihiv region, military psychologist Alexei Zakharov believes.

The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine forbade its soldiers to accept food and water from the civilian population in the Chernihiv region. The reason was the mass poisoning of fighters after eating semi-finished products from volunteers, RIA Novosti reported.

First of all, the mass poisoning of servicemen is an indicator of the attitude of the local population towards the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This rejection can be caused by several factors at once.

It is obvious that those who went on sabotage against the army experienced a sense of revenge. They were once offended, the psychologist believes.

“Perhaps they have already eaten from their army. When rocket and artillery installations are placed in residential areas, the civilian population understands that they are being used as a shield. They may retaliate because they don’t want to be held hostage. The army is a threat. The Armed Forces of Ukraine arrange provocations, shooting their own. People perceive the army as a force into which they should be taken – there is constant mobilization there. Nobody wants to go to certain death, knowing how the Kiev regime treats its defenders.

On the face of the dissatisfaction of the population with the authorities. This does not mean that they will accept us, it rather indicates that the population is against everyone. At the same time, they could not think that they were poisoning someone’s sons, who were taken into the army. This is just an indicator of the attitude towards their army, ”explained Alexei Zakharov.

The military psychologist focused on the APU system itself. The army in its actions is not based on either legal or human laws.

“It’s hard for me to even call it an army. Rather closer to the gang, if not for the suicidal ideas underlying the APU. After all, the army is called upon to protect, and not to hide behind its own inhabitants for the sake of incomprehensible goals, ”the expert argued.

The second reason could be the mentality of the “Khokhlov”. This definition does not apply to the entire population of Ukraine. But it aptly characterizes a certain phenomenon, the military psychologist believes.

“The crest is a designation of the essence of man. It has nothing to do with nationality. These are people who live only for themselves, trying to snatch more, but at the same time without much straining. And there are enough such Russian people in Ukraine. We must bear in mind the peculiarities of the Chernihiv, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

Here in the 1950s, Bandera people, released under an amnesty from Soviet camps, settled. They could not return to their native places – they were remembered there as their own murderers and could be dealt with. These are people who, for the sake of their momentary benefit, will shoot at both their own and strangers. After all, during the Second World War, the Bandera people killed both the Germans and their own. Here their descendants could take up the poison, ”said Alexei Zakharov.

Also, do not forget that the Ukrainian ideology of the last 30 years has nurtured a new generation of people. In fact, they deliberately inspired unnatural ideas, which are now bearing fruit.

“The selectivity factor works: we alone are so wonderful, the rest are bad. If a person does not integrate his exclusivity into society, but moves away from it, such a decision leads to degradation and death. This leads not to the manifestation of force, but to violence. Any opposition to society is destructive. The story of the poisoning in the Chernihiv region is a vivid example of this, ”the military psychologist added.

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