What to do if you lose your voice


February 19, 2023, 14:44 – BLiTZ – News

In medicine, voice loss is called aphonia from the Greek “aphonia”, which means the absence of voice, sound. This is a very unpleasant and frightening symptom that creates a lot of inconvenience, making it impossible to communicate. Aphonia may indicate serious diseases with dangerous consequences. What are the causes of aphonia, how to treat it and which doctor to contact, the BLiTZ figured out.

Causes of loss of voice

Laryngitis and pharyngitis caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi. Under their influence, the organs of the pharynx and vocal folds become inflamed and swell, there is a sore throat and the voice disappears. Even minor inflammation can cause loss of voice. People whose profession is related to voice work suffer from overstrain of the vocal cords. The folds are damaged and the voice is lost. This situation is also possible for people who often shout and talk loudly. Nervous breakdowns that affect the functioning of all body systems can affect the muscles of the larynx. Under stress and fear, damage to the folds does not occur – this is a psychosomatic phenomenon. As soon as the person returns to emotional balance, the voice appears. Active and passive smokers irritate the organs of the vocal apparatus. The timbre of the voice changes. Aphonia may occur. An enlarged thyroid gland presses on the larynx, causing pressure on the vocal folds, resulting in hoarseness or aphonia. Benign and malignant tumors that develop in the throat and larynx can lead to partial or complete loss of voice. You need to see an otolaryngologist urgently. Bad ecology can cause a complete or partial loss of voice. The vocal cords are irritated by the ingress of harmful substances into them. First of all, people working in hazardous industries suffer. photo:

How to get your voice back

The treatment of the causes of aphonia due to infectious diseases is handled by an otolaryngologist. The doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination and identify the causes of voice loss. If aphonia is associated with a malfunction of the vocal apparatus, then the patient will need a doctor – a phoniatrist. Be sure to follow all the doctor’s recommendations.

Keep your voice quiet, if possible be silent or speak quietly, and rarely sing. Diet will help in finding a voice (eliminate spicy and salty foods). Adhere to bed rest and take medications in a timely manner. Avoid the use of vasoconstrictor drops for the common cold. They dry out the throat. Gargle with saline solution (1/2 teaspoon per glass of warm water) or furacilin. Humidify the air in the apartment. Use humidifiers, steam inhalations and nebulizers will help. Drink plenty of water, tea, warm milk, ginger tea, suck on hard candy, and chew gum. A large amount of saliva will moisten the throat. Consult with your doctor about undergoing physical therapy.

After completing the course of treatment, and restoring the normal functioning of the vocal folds, continue to maintain your health. Drink vitamins, lead a healthy lifestyle. Do not smoke or abuse alcohol. People whose profession is related to voice work should strictly observe the regime of work and rest, and not overstrain the vocal folds.


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