What to do if you lose your appetite


February 19, 2023, 15:28 – BLiTZ – News

Loss of appetite does not always indicate the presence of a disease. Often a person complains about the lack of appetite caused by natural causes: stress, lack of pleasure from eating in the elderly. At first glance, the loss of appetite looks harmless, but a lack of calorie intake causes a breakdown, dizziness, bad mood and irritability, exhaustion of the body, weakening of the immune system. What to do when the appetite is gone, the BLiTZ found out.

Appetite is a complex process in which several systems of our body are involved – digestive, endocrine and nervous.

Prolonged loss of appetite can cause nausea, weight loss, lack of coordination, abdominal pain, heartburn, upset stool. Lack of appetite may indicate the presence of a disease that leads to an indifferent attitude to food. If the problem persists for a month, consult a gastroenterologist.

Possible causes of loss of appetite

photo: Infections and viruses in the body. Endocrine problems, diabetes, hormonal disorders. Chronic diseases in the gastrointestinal tract. Intestinal dysbacteriosis. Oncology. body intoxication. Cardiovascular diseases. Dependence on drugs. Wrong diet and lifestyle. Mental disorders. Lack of sufficient physical activity.

Medicinal ways to restore appetite

Vitamin complex. Biologically active additives. Preparations containing iron. Ascorbic acid is vitamin C.

Before taking drugs, find out the reason for the loss of appetite and consult your doctor.

Folk ways to restore appetite

Take a teaspoon of bee honey every morning on an empty stomach. Twice a day, take an infusion of Chinese magnolia vine, 25 to 30 drops, with a little water. Prepare sugar lemon. Grind one lemon, sprinkle with sugar. Take one teaspoon before each meal. Herbal decoctions of lemon balm, dandelion root and calamus, sunflower leaves, cornflower flowers, a quarter cup 2-3 times a day will help restore appetite.

If you eat food, observing the basic rules of nutrition, then the body itself harmonizes the process of calorie consumption and energy expenditure.

Diet Tips

It is necessary to take food often, in portions of 200 gr. The food should contain bright colors that stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for appetite. Season your food with spices. Don’t eat on the run. Eating is a ritual in which it is important to learn to relax and enjoy.


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