German politician disappointed with decision not to invite Russia to Munich


The head of the German Left Party, Martin Schirdevan, is disappointed by Russia’s absence from the Munich Security Conference. His words on February 18 leads the publication Focus.

In his opinion, it will not be possible to avoid negotiations with Moscow on the conflict in Ukraine, since a solution can only be reached through dialogue. In this regard, Shirdevan expressed his annoyance at the fact that Russian representatives were not invited to the conference.

“The two opposing sides should sit down at the negotiating table with international mediation,” he said.

At the same time, Shirdevan noted that instead of seeking to resolve the conflict through dialogue, Western politicians “talk only about the supply of weapons.”

Shirdevan added that the solution cannot be to “keep arming, continue to escalate, cross one red line after another.”

Earlier, on February 17, the head of the international forum, Christoph Heusgen, said that the Munich Security Conference last year was intended to “impress” Russian President Vladimir Putin and impress him with the unity of the West, but this did not happen.

On the same day, French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking at a security conference in Munich, said that the European Union must find strength and courage in order to build a dialogue with Russia, but the right moment for this has not yet come. At the same time, he added that without a dialogue with Russia, peace in Europe is impossible.

Prior to that, on February 14, Gregor Gysi, Foreign Policy Speaker of the Left Party faction in the German parliament, criticized the decision of the organizers of the Munich Security Conference not to invite official representatives of the Russian Federation to participate in the forum. The politician considers such a step a missed opportunity to study the issue of a ceasefire in Ukraine.

The 59th Munich Security Conference takes place February 17-19. Russia has not participated in an international forum for the second year in a row, despite the fact that a number of politicians and experts express concerns that building security and striving for peace is impossible without a dialogue with Moscow. This year the main topic of the conference in Munich was the crisis in Ukraine.


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