Why we are drawn to high-calorie snacks and how to get rid of this habit


February 18, 2023, 12:47 pm – BLiTZ – News

Nutritionists and nutrition experts have explained why we often crave high-calorie snacks, and also told how to break this habit. About it informs Kommersant.

According to the source, snacking quietly adds an extra 300-500 calories per day, which leads to weight gain, and in the worst case, can become obese.

The material notes that snacking is not only a pernicious habit, but also a social problem of office workers: people get used to chewing mechanically during monotonous work.

Snacks are becoming the preferred food format not only because of the lack of time for office workers, the source notes. According to experts, the advertising of snacks on TV and the layout of goods in stores are marketing ploys that contribute to the formation of this habit. It is noted that, as a rule, sweet drinks and snacks are in the most prominent place on the counter in the grocery store.

Nutrition experts believe that people under constant stress are prone to the consumption of sweet, salty and fried foods, which are the basis of snacks. They warn against addiction to these products, since each time they are used, an increasingly large portion is required to receive dopamines.

Nutritionists note that in order to get rid of “food promiscuity”, willpower, a varied diet and compensation for vitamin deficiency are required.

Earlier, nutritionist, rector of the European Institute Dmitry Soin, visiting the doctor of medical sciences, doctor of economic sciences Dmitry Edelev, spoke about the secrets of the popularity of healthy lifestyles in Russia. For more information, see the BLiTZ.


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