What to do if you fall through the ice


February 17, 2023, 21:37 – BLiTZ – News

In the cold season, when the ice on the reservoir is not strong enough, there is a risk of being in ice water. Often, ice on a river or lake is fraught with danger even in the middle of winter, since it is not uniform and its thickness is different. Any person who does not adhere to safety rules can fall through the ice. The public news service figured out how to behave and what to do if you fell through the ice.

In icy water, a person’s limbs quickly lose sensitivity, so there is not a second to lose. Stress makes breathing very fast, so control yourself, breathe deeply and slowly. You can not panic and make unnecessary movements. Spread your arms wide and try not to go headlong into the water. Perhaps there will be no people around, then do not waste your energy on screaming, but direct them to get out.

Water has buoyancy, take advantage of this property.

How to get out of the water

You need to get back to where you came from.

Put both hands on ice. If you have a sharp object, try to use it to catch on the surface. Throw the leg closest to the edge onto the ice. Then, turning the body, take out the second leg and roll away from the edge. You can use the option with throwing the shoulder. Grab your hands on the ice, and then throw one hand completely onto the surface of the ice, using it as a support. This movement will allow you to reach further. And then everything is as in the first option. You can also get out with the help of the back. To do this, you need to turn your back to the edge and, pushing off with your feet, crawl out onto the ice. Roll back to a safe distance and roll onto your stomach. If you can’t get out of the water, try to take off your heavy wet clothes and try to get out again. Keep trying until someone shows up. Perseverance and faith in a successful outcome will definitely help you. If your phone does not get wet, then try to call the rescue service 01 or 112.

How to help the victim get out of the water

1. You need to find a board, stick, pole, rope, tie scarves or clothes, fasten belts.

2. Cautiously crawl up to the hole, spreading your arms wide.

3. Shout to the victim that you will help him.

4. Place a board, skis or plywood under your stomach and crawl even closer to the edge.

5. For 3 – 4 meters, stretch the victim a stick, rope, scarves, in general, what is at hand and pull the person onto the ice.

6. Crawl out of the danger zone.

7. If the victim got water into the respiratory tract, clean the mouth, lay it on your knee with your stomach so that your head hangs to the ground.

8. Press on the chest and back to remove water from the stomach and lungs.

9. Perform artificial respiration.

When we got out of the water to a safe place

Wring out wet clothes and put on if there are no dry ones. Soon the temperature of wet, but wrung out things, will be equal to body temperature. The head should be warm, wrap it up. The victim needs to move intensively: squat, do push-ups, do many different active movements, so he will warm up faster. If possible, build a fire.

When the victim is warm, you need to remove everything that is wet and wrap him in a woolen blanket or wrap him in polyethylene to create a greenhouse effect. Give the rescued person a hot soft drink to drink. Call an ambulance. photo:

To avoid falling through the ice

Stick to familiar places, beaten paths and well-trodden ski tracks. Do not go out on the ice at night. Do not approach places where trees, shrubs grow, snags stick out. The strongest ice is blue, but gray, yellow and white are not reliable.

The safe time for a person to stay in the water

At a positive water temperature of 5-15 degrees from 3.5 to 4.5 hours. At a positive water temperature of 2-3 degrees from 10-15 minutes. At a water temperature of minus 2 degrees 5-8 minutes.


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