The therapist spoke about the benefits of tea without sugar and sweeteners


Drinking tea without sugar and other sweeteners can have beneficial effects on the body, including the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer. On February 18, she told the agency “Prime” Olga Alexandrova, Deputy Chief Physician for Therapy, General Therapist of the highest qualification category of the Atlas clinics.

“Drinking three cups of green tea daily reduces the risk of prostate and endometrial cancer, cardiovascular disease, and serious conditions such as cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction,” she said.

There is no need to talk about the unconditional health benefits of tea. Meanwhile, there is a certain positive effect from this drink, the doctor added.

Alexandrova specified that it contains a large amount of biologically active substances, such as catechins, antioxidants, essential oils, amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, P, PP, iron, magnesium, calcium.

At the same time, one should be careful with herbal teas, the specialist added. Adding sugar or cream to tea can increase metabolic risks, Alexandrova concluded.

Earlier, on February 16, dietitian Ekaterina Statsenko told what compotes should not be drunk for people who have gastrointestinal diseases. According to the nutritionist, compotes can cause diarrhea, colic and bloating, since the berries contain aggressive organic acids.


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