Political scientist Bashirov told who is behind the Hersh investigation about Nord Stream


February 18, 2023, 12:22 – BLiTZ – News

Political scientist, HSE professor Marat Bashirov shared his opinion on the investigation of journalist Seymour Hersh and who might be behind it. This is reported by Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Marat Bashirov noted that despite the fact that the Seymour Hersh investigation exposes top US officials, the journalist has not yet been sued. The political scientist noted that in a similar situation, any other journalist was immediately “dragged away and arrested.”

Instead, US President Joe Biden’s team is trying to distance itself from the results of the investigation, the political scientist said. Marat Bashirov concluded that this meant that Seymour Hersh had something to worry them about.

According to the expert, there are “certain forces” behind Hersh. So, he mentioned the journalist’s acquaintance with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

“The question involuntarily arises: did the old guard undertake to save the United States from catastrophe through a controlled crisis?” Marat Bashirov commented on this fact.

The material also notes that the Hersh investigation sheds light on German involvement in the Nord Stream incident. It is noted that the assistance of the Germans to the Americans could not be carried out without the consent of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. If this is true, then the German chancellor could be reproached with actions to the detriment of the country’s economy, its industry and citizens. Marat Bashirov recalled that as a result of the incident, Germany was forced to buy gas at unfavorable prices.

Earlier, State Department spokesman Ned Price said that Washington rejects accusations of blowing up Russian gas pipelines and leaves the investigation to the countries in whose jurisdiction the incident occurred. Read more about this in the BLiTZ article.


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