Nebenzya announced the loss of Russia’s trust in the West


Russia no longer has confidence in the West, so “living as before” will no longer work. This was stated on February 17 by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations (UN) Vasily Nebenzya, addressing Western representatives in the UN Security Council.

The diplomat pointed out that the West is not interested in building a system of European and Euro-Atlantic security together with Russia.

“You have already shown Russophobia, which was hidden deep enough in you, so that we understand that it is precisely it and the desire to destroy our country, and, if possible, by proxy, that is all that really drives you,” Nebenzya said at a meeting of the Security Council of the World organization on the theme of the anniversary of the Minsk agreements.

According to the Western countries, the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN stated, the security system for the West can only be set against Russia.

“We don’t have anyone to trust you. And we can no longer trust any of your promises – neither regarding the non-expansion of NATO to the east, nor about the unwillingness to interfere in our internal affairs, nor about the desire to live in peace and good neighborliness, ”said the Russian diplomat.

As Nebenzya pointed out, in Russia this was understood after the West demonstrated its “non-negotiation and treachery”, when it first created a “neo-Nazi and nationalist hive” on the borders of the Russian Federation, and then itself stirred it up.

Earlier, on February 17, Nebenzia noted that the UN Security Council, in the situation with the agreements on Minsk-2, had failed in its direct responsibility – it is about maintaining peace and security. He also added that Western countries in the situation with the Minsk agreements “kept a stone in their bosom” and prepared Kyiv for a war against Russia for the sake of their own geopolitical interests.

On the same day, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Stanislav Naumov, in an interview with Izvestia, said that the West would not have a more opportune moment for dialogue with Russia than now. Thus, he commented on the words of French President Emmanuel Macron at the Munich Security Conference that the West must “find the strength and courage to build a dialogue with Russia, without which peace in Europe is impossible, but now is not the time for this dialogue.”

On October 27 of the same year, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a loss of confidence in what the partners were doing after Macron made public his telephone conversation with him. According to the head of state, now he proceeds from the fact that strangers are sitting in the office of the French leader and that “someone is listening.”

On January 16, retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter noted that the Russian president has shown admirable patience in response to Washington’s provocations, which have been staged since 2008. According to him, the White House understands that without dialogue between Russia and the United States, the situation in the world will heat up, but they still continue anti-Russian propaganda and fan the fire of Russophobia.

The tension in the dialogue of some countries with Russia increased after the start of a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The operation began against the background of the situation in the Donbass that worsened in mid-February.

For more up-to-date videos and details about the situation in Donbass, watch the Izvestia TV channel.


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