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Blueberries are not just a tasty berry, but also very healthy. Blueberry compote or fruit drink is allowed for children already at the age of one, and after 3 years, whole berries can be offered if the child is not allergic. The public news service found out when to prepare for the blueberry season.

From these berries you can make jam, compotes, use them as a filling and decoration for a cake, pie or pudding. Blueberry flavor blends harmoniously with other berries and fruits in cocktails. Also, the berries tolerate freezing well.

Development Features

With the beginning of snow melting in the forest, bare bushes without signs of foliage begin to peep through – this is how blueberries look during this period. If the weather is stable, then already in early April you can notice the first swelling buds, and later the leaves appear. If the bush is located in the forest itself, then the leaves begin to develop closer to the top; blueberries that grow on the edge have denser foliage.

The flowering of the plant begins around the end of May. The process consists of two stages:

First, compact green-pink buds develop on the bush. Further, they turn into white-pink jagged aesthetic flowers.

Blueberry blossom is a very beautiful sight. Blooming flowers have a pleasant aroma.

In most regions, flowering ends in the first half of June, but a more specific period depends on the climatic conditions in which the crop grows.

Maturation by region

The first berries can be seen already at the end of June, but usually there are very few of them. In different regions, it is customary to start picking blueberries at different times:

In a mild climate, the first ripe berries can be enjoyed at the end of June. At this time, it is better to bypass the bushes growing on the edges and on thawed patches.

In the middle lane

Under these conditions, blueberries ripen in early July, but on a large scale they go to the collection in late July or early August.

In the Urals and in Bashkiria

In these regions, the blueberry harvest can begin in mid-July.

In harsh conditions, active blueberry picking is possible from the end of July. Photo: freepik.com

How long does it take to harvest

Usually picking berries is allowed until September. It is allowed to harvest until the end of September, but the number of berries at this time is already significantly reduced. In Siberia, the collection can continue until the first snow.

You can go to the forest for blueberries once a week. The same glade can bear fruit for several weeks.

Preparation for collection

When collecting over the years in the forest, use a few recommendations:

Plan to harvest on a dry day only. They go out into the forest in the morning, when the dew dries, or in the afternoon. Closed clothing will protect against bees, mosquitoes and ticks. By the way, the practice of experienced collectors shows that forest mosquitoes are almost not afraid of purchased anti-mosquito products, so the only salvation is deaf clothing. Choose things to go out taking into account the fact that juice can get on them, which is difficult to remove. Blueberries grow in swampy areas where snakes can live, so wear tall shoes with quality soles on your feet. Photo: freepik.com

How to quickly assemble

Experienced pickers are able to pick a bucket of blueberries in 3 hours. They advise taking large and small containers with you. The berries are collected in a small bowl, and then gently fall out into a larger container. Some tips for picking blueberries:

To tear the berry from the stem, you need to twist it a little. Build a container on a rope that can be hung around your neck. The simplest option can be constructed from a plastic bottle. It is more convenient to pick berries when both hands are free at once. You can try to pick berries in clusters with your palm, but very carefully, rubbing them lightly. Then the ripe berries will remain in the palm of your hand, and the unripe ones will remain on the branch. Do not pick unripe fruits in the hope that they will reach later. This is not typical for blueberries, so take only fully ripe berries.


In modern stores you can buy a special harvester for picking berries. It is a container, the lower part of which is equipped with teeth resembling a rake. The device combs the bush from the berries by moving it from the bottom up.


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